10 Fun Websites to Pass the Time on a Cruise

You’re on a cruise, breathing in the delightful ocean air. You have views for days and seemingly endless activities, from shopping to dining with family and friends. The days can seem long, and by the end of the night, you’re back in your room wondering what to do next. 

Social media is a typical pastime for many users that often entertains for hours. But what if you delved deeper to find websites that offer much more than what’s on your Instagram feed?

If your curiosity has kicked in, get ready to be inspired. 

Best Websites to Scroll While Bored on a Cruise 

Undeniably, cruises are experiences of a lifetime. You can meet different people, gamble in casinos, watch exciting shows, and much more. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have any spare time.

Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering what you can do to pass the time on your trip. Fear not—we have you covered with our list of fun websites below.

1. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is an obvious must for bored passengers. The website offers various tips and tricks to navigate life more easily. While the content is often practical, it is also incredibly entertaining. It’ll teach you things you never thought you’d want to know, like how to de-stem a strawberry with a drinking straw. 

2. Shut Up & Take My Money

While cruise ships typically have gift shops to fulfill your buying needs, they don’t always offer variety. To fill that shopping gap, head to the Shut Up & Take My Money website. From lemon slice squeezers to Star Wars lightsaber rings, the site is an impulse shopper’s dream website. You can find some of the world’s best products on this site. Even more, its sources often have great deals. You won’t even have to give away your life savings for the products you love… unless you want to.

3. Explore

For many, going on vacation means leaving pets behind. This can put a damper on the fun times cruise ships can bring. That’s why websites like Explore are great to visit in your free time. The live cams on the site offer a unique look into animals’ daily lives, including bears, birds, and cat rescues! This will be a wholesome way to clear away any sadness or boredom during your travels. 

4. SlotSource

There is only so much time one can spend in the cruise ship casino, but the fun doesn’t have to stop once you’ve returned to your room. If you’re particularly fond of slots, you can check out the slot games available on slotsource.com. With a vast and exciting selection, you can keep your night going. Even better, there are both online and mobile options.

5. Radio Garden

One fun part of road trips is getting a glance into what people listen to on the radio in different areas. Of course, cruise ships don’t tend to offer the same luxury while out at sea. That doesn’t have to stop you, though! On Radio Garden, you can choose radio stations from all over the globe to tune into. 

6. Duolingo

Cruises can sometimes be quite a cultural experience. When running into some free time, learning a new language can be a great and fun way to stay entertained! Duolingo provides its users with a wide range of languages, including Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. If you need any more of a reason, the site also has a pretty cute owl mascot named Duo.

7. Buzzfeed

If you’re not easily amused, Buzzfeed is absolutely the website for you. It’s a great place to catch up on the news, but that’s not all. The site has an abundance of quizzes, articles covering popular favorite television shows and movies, shopping suggestions, and more.  

8. Incredibox

For music lovers, free time during a cruise can be the perfect time to catch up with new music. This can inevitably become somewhat mundane. That’s why websites like Incredibox are excellent additions to the music world! Whether you want to access its offerings via a web browser or a mobile app, you have plenty to look forward to with Incredibox. The interactive music experience allows visitors to choose from select music versions to start mixing their own tunes. 

9. The Onion

If you’re desperate for a bit of humor while on your cruise, The Onion is the best source to lift your spirits. It is a satirical news source that covers various topics with a humorous and often facetious spin. If we had to suggest just one site to keep you scrolling for hours, this would be it.

10. Poptropica

Even on a cruise ship, kids can be hard to entertain. The free time you want to relax may be spent trying to amuse your children. Don’t worry—we have a solution! Poptropica is a website and mobile app that features an entire virtual world with games, travel simulations, and more. There are even books and comics for kids to read, so it’s a proper combination of education and fun. 


Cruise ships tend to be anything but boring, especially with all of the unique activities for passengers to participate in. But that doesn’t mean every moment will be filled with excitement. 

Maybe you’re winding down at the end of a busy day. Maybe you feel like there’s nothing left to do. Either way, the websites listed above will keep you entertained long after the ship enters the harbor. 

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