23 Signs You’re Addicted To Cruises

Are you addicted to cruises? Do you always want a cruise vacation? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are cruise addicts. But just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

So what are the signs that you’re a cruise addict? And more importantly, how do you know if cruising is right for you? Keep reading to find out.

The First Signs of a problem

The first sign that you might be suffering from cruise addiction is if you’re always talking about them. If you can’t go a day without mentioning cruising or thinking about it, then it’s become an obsession.

Another sign is if you start planning your next cruise as soon as you get home from your current one. If you’re constantly looking at cruise deals and trying to find ways to save money so you can go on more cruises, then it’s safe to say that cruising has taken over your life.

What are the signs that you’re addicted to cruises?

Some people love cruises so much that they wonder if they’re addicted. Here are some signs that you may be suffering from cruise addiction:

  1. Start planning your next cruise while you’re still on the current one and try to have a cruise booked at all times, even on the same ship or cruise line.
  2. You get withdrawal symptoms when you’re not on a cruise and have even suffered post-cruise depression after sailing.
  3. You’ve been on more than two cruises in the past year.
  4. You only want to travel if it’s on a cruise ship.
  5. You have photos of cruise ships as your screensaver and wallpaper.
  6. Everyone you know is sick of hearing you talk about cruises, and you seek out other cruise addicts on internet forums and groups.
  7. You’ve started using cruise ship terms in everyday conversation (e.g., referring to your bedroom as your “stateroom”).
  8. You have a collection of cruise-related memorabilia (e.g., ship models, keychains, mugs, t-shirts) from past vacations and cherish items from your first cruise.
  9. You can recite the schedule of activities for multiple cruise lines from memory.
  10. You visit the cruise ship tracker maps and dream you are currently on a cruise.
  11. You follow cruise line and cruise industry news closely and have invested in cruise stocks for the onboard credit benefits.
  12. You get to know crew members by first name and book cruises to cruise with them like “family members.”
  13. You feel euphoric the week of your upcoming cruise and dream about getting up the morning of your cruise. You also keep your cruise line boarding pass in a very safe place so you won’t lose or forget it.
  14. You feel an affinity to a single cruise line and have taken steps to rank up in the past passenger club or society.
  15. You judge other cruisers or “passengers” on how many nights they have spent at sea and cruised.
  16. You offer unsolicited expert advice and insider tips when you meet cruisers on their first cruise.
  17. You often will show your neighborhood kids or family members your collection of boarding passes or “cruise cards” unsolicited.
  18. You can’t help but judge other cruisers on which cruise line and cruise ships they have sailed or have booked.
  19. You watch Mighty Cruise Ships on TV and recognize crew members, where you have eaten dinner, a cabin you stayed in, and more.
  20. You follow cruise line and cruise industry news on social media and YouTube.
  21. Fellow passengers and crew members have openly called you a “cruise addict”.
  22. You have a pre-cruise ritual and packing-list filled with “must have” items you use just for cruising.
  23. You only associate with friends who also like to cruise.

If you can relate to any of the above signs, then there’s a good chance you’re a cruise addict!

What are the dangers of being addicted to cruises?

Whether it’s the allure of the open seas, the chance to explore new lands, or the seemingly endless supply of buffet food, people might become cruise addicts. Cruise addiction is a natural and dangerous phenomenon.

While being a cruise addict can be dangerous, cruise addiction can be especially harmful due to the cost of cruises, the potential for financial ruin, and the health risks associated with cruise travel.

Money Concerns, Because your are hooked

Cruise addicts often spend large amounts of money on cruise bookings, sometimes going into debt to pay for their fix.

In addition, cruise addicts often neglect their other responsibilities to plan and go on cruises. This can lead to job loss, ruined relationships, and other serious problems.

World Cruise

A significant indicator one trying to save for a World Cruise only after sailing a few times because you enjoy cruising so much and want to mark this off your bucket list.

Health Concerns

Health-wise, cruise addicts are at increased risk for motion sickness, dehydration, and sunburn. The lengthy exposure to the sun could cause harsh sun or worse.

The cruiser may also develop anxiety or depression due to the isolation of being on a cruise ship for extended periods or even at home when you only want to associate with your “cruise friends.”

In advanced stages, cruise addicts often don’t disembark the cruise ship when visiting a port destination or join group activities such as the “belly flop contest.” If you or someone you know may be suffering from cruise addiction, get help before it’s too late.

Are you constantly checking online cruise reviews and booking websites for updates on the latest deals and promotions?

Is your computer screen constantly filled with images of tropical beaches and luxury cruise ships? Do you find yourself daydreaming about white sand beaches and blue waters? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. There are millions of people out there who share your passion for cruising

Find Support

The good news is that plenty of ways to feed your addiction. You can start by checking online cruise reviews and booking websites for the latest deals and promotions. Or you can scour the internet for information on upcoming cruises.

There’s also nothing wrong with spending hours looking at pictures of cruise ships and dreaming about your next vacation.

So if you’re addicted to cruises, there’s no need to be ashamed. Just embrace your passion and being a cruise addict.

How to overcome an addiction to cruises

It’s official: I’m addicted to cruising. I’ve been on four in the last two years, and each has been better than the previous. I love waking up in a new place each day and never having to unpack or worry about laundry.

All-Inclusive Food, Drink, Entertainment

I love the all-inclusive food and drink, the nightly entertainment, and the opportunities to explore new destinations. 

But I know that my addiction is getting out of control. I now plan my holidays around cruises, spending more money on them than I can afford. I’ve even started booking multiple cruises back-to-back to extend the feeling of being on vacation and help prevent the feared post cruise depression due to being addicted to cruising.

So how do I overcome my addiction to cruises? 

First, I need to accept that I have a problem. Just like any other addiction, admitting that there’s a problem is the first step to recovery. Being addicted to cruising is not easy but, things could be worse. It’s not like it’s a life sentence from some dreaded disease or other awful life altering event. You need to focus on the positive and learn to manage in a healthy and productive way.

Other Vacation Types?

Second, I need to start making other plans for my vacations. Instead of automatically booking a cruise, I’m going to research other holiday options and give myself time to decide what sounds best. 

Start Budgeting

Finally, I need to be honest about how much money I’m spending on cruises. If I want to continue cruising, I will have to start budgeting and make some sacrifices. Maybe I can move less often or find cheaper cruises. Whatever it takes, I need to get my addiction under control.

Your Happy Place

So, if you’re questioning whether or not you may have a cruise addiction, ask yourself these questions. Do you find yourself constantly checking cruise prices and availability? Are cruising forums one of your favorite places to hang out online?

Cruise Lines and Cruise Ships

When people mention cruises, do you start to feel excited and antsy? If the answer is yes to any of these, cruises have likely taken over your life in an unhealthy way. But don’t worry, there is hope.

Understanding The Dangers

By understanding the dangers of being addicted to cruises and taking some simple steps to overcome your addiction, you can get back on track and enjoy healthier hobbies and activities.

Editors Note: Addiction is not a joking matter, but we took the liberty in this article to poke fun at ourselves (Cruise Addicts) and bring up some serious issues in extreme cases. Addiction affects people of all ages and incomes and can take many forms. Cruise travel could also become an addiction and does offer a sense of joy and excitement that could lead to overindulgence or abuse.

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