3 Great Christmas Card Ideas to Fit Different Lifestyles

Despite the ongoing pandemic that often makes us wonder what day it is and question how to survive another humdrum, monotonous day, this year is flying by. Then again, it still somehow oddly feels like March was just yesterday. Now, fall is upon us? And we’re rapidly approaching the end of 2020? Well, good riddance, really!

Still, this rapid succession of time does present some issues. Namely, we all have some prep work to do, as the holidays are always a big part of most people’s end-of-year traditions. Soon it will be time to start buying gifts, planning time off, figuring out travel plans, and — last but not least — getting our holiday cards in order.

This might seem like small potatoes in a year like this, but it’s important to maintain some normalcy and stick with our beloved traditions and rituals. With that in mind, here are a few great Christmas card ideas that will fit different lifestyles and different personality types.

1. The Organizer: Hitting a Home Run

Some people just love getting things done, while others simply enjoy the holidays. If you know someone who shares both traits, chances are your family will have a Christmas card to remember. Because the biggest key to having a great season’s greeting to send to family and friends is getting on top of things early and planning them well.

The top cards usually involve a theme. One great option is getting everyone dressed for the part. Ugly sweaters, Santa hats, and maybe even reindeer ears for the family pet work fantastically. Or, perhaps you want to go a more classic route and dress everybody in nice clothes for a photo card in a nice location.

Either way, it will all go smoothly if you book the shoot early with a plan and find the right photographer. Then, all you need to do is take some time to craft a warm, heartfelt message and to let everyone know what the whole family is up to. Really, though, if you’re The Organizer, you probably have this all planned out already. Being this way seems to make everything a bit easier.

2. The Traveler: Cards from Afar

In recent years, more and more families are opting to take a vacation versus getting together for the holidays. It makes sense. The kids get some time off school, and it’s usually one of the few times of the year that’s relatively easy for both parents to get some time off. Sure, traditions are great, but why not get away one year if you can?

This also represents a creative, festive way to add a theme to your Christmas cards. It might mean you’ll be sending things out a little late, but there’s nothing like a nice photo from a cruise ship, sunny beach, or foreign capital. 

Of course, you could be proactive and instead take a nice photo from home with a fun cruise ship or ocean backdrop in preparation for the trip. Either way, it will definitely have everyone feeling jealous of your getaway.

3. The Humbug: Doing the Least

In 2020, maybe you just aren’t in the mood to send out holiday greetings. Heck, maybe you’re never in the mood. Still, Christmas cards are a storied tradition, as they date back to at least the 1840s, according to The Smithsonian. At the very least, you need to make the minimal effort to keep this tradition alive.

If this sounds like you or your family this year, you’re in luck. In fact, it’s quite easy to create and mail some standard, easy-to-make cards. Just partner with a reliable online provider, pick a template version, add a brief message, and sign your name at the end. That’s all there is to it.

In many cases, the company that prints the cards can even send them out for you if you import some names and addresses. This is the easiest option — and literally the least you could do.

Christmas Cards Suited for Anybody

Not much has been normal in 2020. Most of us have had trouble keeping in contact with our associates and loved ones. Phone calls and video chats are one thing, but the lack of in-person contact has really put a damper on things in many cases.

That makes our little connections and traditions even more important. No matter who you are or what type of lifestyle you lead, be sure to send out some Christmas cards this season. The organizer, the traveler, and the humbug all can make this holiday special in their own way.

Figure out what works best for your life — and then put it into action.

John Shallo
John Shallohttp://www.cruiseaddicts.com
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