4 Reasons to Set Sail This Summer

Looking for a holiday that will just take you away from it all? Introducing sailing, the hottest vacation this year. Where you can enjoy your morning coffee surrounded by the glistening ocean, follow it by a morning dip and then head to lands hitherto unknown, a sailing vacation has it all.

And if you think these holidays are reserved only for the super-rich, think again. Thanks to affordable sailing camps and community programmes, sailing is more accessible than ever. So, grab your lifejacket, pack the portable stove and remember a cool bucket for the beers – this is why a sailing holiday is for you. 

Explore hidden gems

There’s nothing quite like sailing away from the tourist crowds and unexpectedly coming across a pristine swimming spot all for yourself. Whilst on your sailing holiday this could be an everyday occurrence, with many hidden gems that aren’t accessible by foot or road.

You also have complete freedom to plan your day as you like; maybe you want to go for a swim before heading off to a remote island and having a seafood lunch there. From there, you could go for a little walk before watching the sunset with an ice-cold beer in hand. It’s the life!

Get active

Sailing isn’t just about sitting on the deck and catching some rays; there’s a lot of work that goes into sailing a boat and this will require a lot of physical work. From pulling in the sail to tying it up at a stop point and carrying around heavy equipment, you’ll find that there’s always something to do. 

You’ll also end up doing a lot of leisure sports. After all, who can resist going for a dip whenever one has the chance? You can also mix it up by going on a hike one day or even a cycling tour before ending your day on the boat again. 

Learn new skills

Of course, the biggest skill you’ll take home with you is sailing itself. A highly technical sport that requires in-depth knowledge of a boat’s mechanics, you’ll find that you learn heaps along the way. 

You might also learn how to relax! A vastly underrated skill in today’s world, a sailing holiday removes you from everyday distractions, forces you into the present and teaches you how to appreciate your surroundings. 

See marine life up close

Of course, one of the most incredible experiences that you can enjoy whilst sailing is seeing all the marine wildlife that lives there. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many, you can enjoy it every day. Maybe you’ll get to swim with dolphins, explore the reefs with a snorkel or even spot an ocean giant like a whale or shark. Anything is possible when you’re out at sea.

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