4 Tips For Your First Yacht Charter

Chartering a yacht can be your ticket to ocean-bound bliss, but if you have never embarked upon this kind of vacation adventure before, there are some barriers to break down and obstacles to overcome.

To make this easier, here are a few hints which fledgling yacht charterers should keep in mind to ensure it is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Understand the etiquette

It is definitely a good idea to learn a bit about yacht charter etiquette ahead of time so that you are not unknowingly breaking any unspoken rules when you set foot on the vessel itself.

For example, you need to remember that while you are renting a yacht you are responsible for making sure that it is returned to the owners in the same condition that you found it in.

Likewise you have a duty of care for both your guests and any crew and staff members who are heading out with you, so heeding safety instructions and abiding by whatever rules are in place on the particular yacht you have chartered is essential.

Your First Yacht Charter
Learn a bit about yacht charter etiquette ahead of time so that you are not unknowingly breaking any unspoken rules when you set foot on the vessel itself.

Pack appropriately

Packing for a yacht charter is a little different than sorting out your luggage ahead of a typical break. You need to think about what you will need to bring with you, as well as what you should carry it in.

Firstly, do not just pack flimsy summer clothing, as evenings on the open water can get chilly, so having a stylish sweater or jacket to pop on when the sun sets is sensible.

Secondly, if you want to take full advantage of the water, be sure to bring plenty of bathing suits and also any accessories to enhance your aquatic experience, including a mask, snorkel and fins.,

Finally, only bring soft-bodied bags with you, as these will be easier to stow in the cabins and will also prevent damage being done to the yacht itself when they inevitably shift on the swells of the ocean’s waves.

Get insurance

Having adequate insurance is important for any travel scenario, but is especially relevant in the case of chartering a yacht. You should also avoid making the assumption that whatever general travel insurance policy you have in place will cover you for a yachting trip; often this will be an added cost on top of your basic premium.

Another type of cover you may wish to get is skipper liability insurance, which protects you against any issues that occur as a result of the yacht’s captain, should this be relevant to your particular charter.

Consider the weather conditions

One mistake that many first time yacht charterers make is to overlook the likely climatic conditions that will play a part in determining how much enjoyment they get out of their trip.

Certain parts of the world have seasonal spells of bad weather that could bring your best laid plans tumbling down, so doing your research and preparing for all the eventualities will see you in good stead.

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