4 Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Cruiser

Going on a cruise can feel like a far more eco-friendly solution to traveling compared to racking up the air miles of a long-haul flight. However, that doesn’t mean that a cruise doesn’t come its own carbon footprint. 

Be An Eco-Friendly Cruiser

If you want to put the planet and its oceans first, follow these tips to ensure you’re as eco-friendly and ocean-friendly as possible. 

Be An Eco-Friendly Cruiser
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1. Consider Your Power Usage

Much like on land, your use of power affects the planet. Wasting electricity is a big no-no if you want to help conserve the planet’s resources. So consider how you can gather, store, and use power in a greener, cleaner way.

Solar panels have now been a long-praised energy source, but technological advancements are astounding! Take balcony solar panels, for example. These portable devices would be a fantastic addition to your room’s balcony on your trip. Take power into your hands by sourcing your electricity from the sun. 

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2. Take a Reusable Bottle

It’s no secret that plastic is causing harm to the planet. However, by 2040, the amount of plastic expected to end up in the planet’s oceans is estimated at 29 million metric tons. While it might feel that such a significant problem is too big for one person to handle, you must remember that plastic pollution is entirely avoidable. 

So have a guilt-free cruise with a stainless steel, reusable water bottle. If you can refill your reusable one, there’s no point buying plastic water bottles after water bottles. You’ll be saving yourself wasted money, and you’ll be decreasing the negative impact of plastic pollution. 

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3. Reuse Your Towels

If it feels like a complete luxury to use a towel once, have housekeeping wash it, and offer you a new one, that’s because it is! It’s a luxury because, after just one use, a towel isn’t likely to be very dirty at all. And on a cruise full of hundreds of people, that’s a lot of towels and wasted water. 

So do your bit for the planet, and don’t waste water unnecessarily. You might be on vacation, but instead of a daily new towel, why not treat yourself to an extra croissant at breakfast – they’re tastier and less likely to cause environmental damage. 

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4. Don’t Litter

One of the most significant ways you can help the planet is by remembering that littering on a cruise is the same as littering anywhere else. Per day, a cruise with approximately 6000 people can generate masses of waste, including 14 tons of dry waste. 

So think before you buy: Should you buy the item covered in plastic wrapping? Think before you throw: Can you recycle your wrappings? 

And never litter. Your wrappings might get carried into the ocean, and you’ll be responsible for polluting the space you’re exploring. 

Final Thoughts

Being an eco-friendly cruise passenger requires the same logic as being environmentally friendly on shore. Be considerate, think outside the box, and take the responsibility seriously. If you do, you’re sure to lessen your environmental impact – and inspire others to do the same.

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