Four Ways To Keep Your Valuables Safe While Traveling

No one wants to think the worst when they’re traveling. Or assume that there is danger around every corner, but the truth is that when you’re exploring the world and you’re on the road for potentially months at a time, it’s easy to make yourself vulnerable to crime or more specifically – theft. Keeping your wits about you will help of course, but it’s only natural that our defenses come down when we’re tired, trying to get our bearings in a new location or even feeling overconfident. 

Wondering how you can keep your valuables safe whilst traveling? Read on for 4 simple security tips. 

Think about what you really need

When you’re planning your trip abroad and begin the packing process, it’s tempting to bring well, just about everything! Naturally, you’ll want your camera and any other photography equipment if you have your heart set on capturing some pretty epic moments – check out this website for photography accessories and equipment such as lighting and photo paper – so, it’s normal to want to feel prepared but the trick here is to omit certain items. Expensive jewelry, all singing-all dancing electronic items, and all your credit cards, etc. All you need to do is apply some common sense: If you have more than one bank card with you, then only take one out with you during the day – keep the rest safe in your accommodation. Some travelers even leave their wedding rings at home, just in case!

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Research your accommodation 

Sadly, it would be naive to think that just because your items are in your hotel room or hostel accommodation, that they are completely safe from theft. Many hostels have lockers available but not all of them have locks or ones that would survive a heavy blow. The best option here is, of course, to do plenty of research into your accommodation, check out the reviews on all platforms available – not just the ones on their website. You can also purchase a padlock that you can use on any locker or safe provided. They’ll work great on your backpack too. 

Don’t make it easy

It’s not always easy to blend in or look like a local when you’re visiting a foreign country. However, if you want to keep hold of your belongings whilst you’re exploring then don’t make yourself an easy target. All it takes is an opportunist to see that you have something worth taking and they’ll give it their best shot. So, try not to flash your wealth – if you’re in a shop and trying to get to grips with the currency, avoid pulling out huge amounts of cash from your wallet. Could the bag on your shoulder be easily pulled off? And keep your tech, jewelry, and other expensive items out of sight! 

Invest in some theft-proof equipment

From scarves with hidden pouches; ideal for hiding your passport and money inside, to hidden pockets in your jacket that you’ve seen in yourself. There are lots of ways you can keep your belongings close to you. Money belts, neck pouches, anti-theft backpacks even hidden bra pockets! Do a little research and invest in some equipment. It’s worth it!

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