4 Ways to Make the Most of Your End-of-Summer Travels

In whatever part of the country you live, from the East Coast to the West Coast and all the places in between, summer provides the perfect opportunity to find and enjoy the countless adventures. Just because the final days of summer are closing in doesn’t mean you have to postpone your plans until next season.

In fact, with the right gear and a little travel insider know-how, you can extend your summer adventures just a little longer and go to unexpected places that wow. Get ready for your next big adventure with these savvy tips.

1. Bridge the Gap

Summer might be coming to an end, but the weather is still great, leaving you plenty of time to get outdoors and make the most of it. September is prime time for apple picking and many regions around the country, from New York to Wisconsin and even California, offer tours of the farms where you can pick the fruits right from the tree. If apple picking sounds like a fun way to bridge the gap between summer and fall, get started planning your road trip to the nearest apple orchard.

2. Pack Smart Clothing

Sure, you’ve probably heard about smart homes and gadgets. Practically any devices can be considered smart these days. But when it comes to clothing, a different kind of smart tech is typically utilized. From moisture-wicking to sun-protection technologies, sports performance clothing is more tailor-made than ever before.

This type of apparel can also be designed for an array of specific outdoor activities and a range of different climates. If your summer adventure is taking you on a cruise or to a coastal city, tech clothing designed with waterproof and insulating technologies can keep you comfortable and dry, no matter what forecast Mother Nature throws at you.

3. Enjoy Wi-Fi Everywhere You Go

Lack of vacation days got you down? Maybe you’re on a tight deadline and worrying about getting your work done so you’re putting off that final summer trip. Sound familiar? Don’t let work get in the way. After all, you can take your work with you wherever your travels take you, from state parks in the west to the sandy shores of the Gulf Coast.

All you need is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. You’ll be miles away from the closest city, but your boss will never know. So go ahead — book that cute A-frame cabin on Airbnb that you’ve been eyeing and enjoy a long weekend.

4. Fly South for the Summer

As nature and folklore have taught us, birds fly south for the winter, but you, too, can fly south at the end of the summer season to get acquainted with charming southern cities like Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia.

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Now, the thermometer can soar to near triple digits in these locations during the summer season. But, as the calendar slowly inches closer into autumn, you can expect slightly cooler temperatures. While you’re there, there’s plenty to eat, drink, see and do along a road trip like this one. So what are you waiting for?

Make Your End-of-Summer Travel One for the Books

These savvy, traveler-approved tips are sure to come in handy, wherever your summer travels might take you. With the right clothing for your trip, a connection to the office and a trip itinerary designed around the season, your next summer adventure will be one for the books.

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