5 Things Not to Do on a Cruise

If you’re looking for a convenient and stress-free way to explore the world with transportation, lodging, and meal costs all covered up into one all-inclusive rate, then boarding a cruise ship is the way to do it.

Even so, there are some mistakes that rookies make ranging from overpacking unnecessary items to overspending their money or forgetting to plan ahead. Most of these mistakes are preventable and this is why we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid when going on your first cruise.

Things Not to Do on a Cruise

Things Not to Do on a Cruise
5 Things Not to Do on a Cruise 8

Price isn’t everything

When browsing between different cruise lines, many potential customers may be fooled into thinking that they all are similar and offer the same features. The truth is that just as is the case with hotels, cruise lines have their own personalities with strengths as well as weaknesses.

Some offer experiences for families with young children, others are made for retiree couples who are looking for a quiet and chic experience and so forth. Just because you’ve booked an expensive cruise line it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will enjoy the experience. You should make sure to research each line to see what kind of experience they offer.

Furthermore, while you might be tempted to book some tickets during the less popular seasons to get a better price, you should know that those trips usually take place during periods with unpleasant temperatures, which makes it difficult to enjoy your cruise. Thus, it is crucial to take time and do the proper research before paying your deposit.

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Don’t book the wrong cabin

Picking the right cabin can be a nightmare since there are more than 20 varieties with different sizes and features to choose from, and it is crucial to get one that is a good match for your cruising style. Low-priced cabins may be tempting but they are often claustrophobic and windowless.

You will also need to consider where you’ll spend most of your day since if you want to spend most of your time at the pool or spa deck, then you might want to get a cabin that is within a short distance of these attractions. Furthermore, if you are prone to seasickness then you should get a spot that offers good stability.

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Don’t miss the departure time

While on a vacation on land a delayed flight might not cause you to miss the departure time for the next one, cruises are much firmer in that regard since there will be no waiting for passengers who don’t board on time.

It is best to get to your destination one day ahead since even the price of an overnight hotel stay will still be worth it since it will give you the peace of mind that you won’t miss the departure time.

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Avoid overindulgence

The buffet on your ship will have plenty of delights for you to choose from with mouthwatering options that will make you want to try everything. With that said, there are still some offerings that are best left untouched.

With sushi, for example, it is hard to know how fresh that tuna roll is, so you should pass it unless you see it being made in front of you. Scrambled eggs should also be avoided since most buffets at breakfast use powdered eggs instead of fresh eggs.

5 Things Not to Do on a Cruise | 27
Sushi Started our meal off

Additionally, you should avoid hoarding food on your plate and instead get one dish at a time so that this way it will be less likely for you to waste food. You should also refrain from dipping too much stuff into that chocolate fountain – you can indulge in that activity in the comfort of your home, later on, by getting a small model – check https://kitchenettejen.com for more details.

5 Things Not to Do on a Cruise | 27
Don’t be rude to the ship’s crew

Don’t be rude with the cruise ship workers

You should have a good attitude toward ship workers since you never know how physically, mentally and emotionally tired they are. There have been many articles that showed the grueling conditions that cruise-ship workers face on the job and it is best to be understanding since they sacrifice a lot to make your stay comfortable.

Tips are also important since they make the largest percentage of their overall pay. Furthermore, if you are kind and understanding to crew members you can learn some very useful things from them. Crew members know where you can find the best places to go when the ship pulls into a port and they’ll be glad to share that with the customers they like.


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