5 Tips for Making Your Cruise More Exciting

Going on a cruise can be an incredibly fun experience, but what if it’s your first time and you’re not really sure what to expect, or you’re an avid cruiser to whom sailing the seas is nothing new? Regardless of how many cruises you’ve been on before, there’s always something that can be done to enhance your experience.

So, what can you do to add some spice to your cruise and make it the best time of your life? For starters, you can consider paying a little more for your ticket and getting a room with a veranda, especially if it’s a summer cruise. Then, don’t forget to explore the amenities offered on board, including casinos and swimming pools. It also might be a perfect opportunity to experiment with food and try different cuisines or dress up to sip some delicious and colorful drinks at the bar. 

If you’re ready to set sail and embark on your perfect cruise ship adventure, make sure to read the article below for more fun ideas!

Making Your Cruise More Exciting
5 Tips for Making Your Cruise More Exciting 7

Get a Room with a Veranda

One of the best things you can do to enhance your experience on a cruise ship is to get a room with a veranda, as you can use it to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views while cruising the open seas. Imagine waking up in the morning and going out onto your own veranda to discover dolphins swimming alongside your ship! 

The sea views are simply amazing and are definitely worth the extra money you will need to pay for a room with this kind of upgrade. It’s also a great way to really enhance your sailing experience and will probably help you realize how quickly time flies by when you’re enjoying yourself

Carnival Horizon Casino Bar
Carnival Horizon Casino Bar

Visit the Casino 

If you’ve never been on a cruise before or haven’t explored your previous cruises enough, you might be under the impression that all there is to do is sit by the pool, eat and have fun at the shows. This is true to a certain extent, and a lot depends on the particular ship you’re on, but cruises are usually an excellent opportunity to try your hand at gambling. 

The casinos found on cruise ships are similar to land-based ones, but you will also be able to participate in different tournaments there, be it slots, blackjack, or poker. Casinos are the perfect space to stir your sense of excitement and enhance the whole cruise experience. 

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with even the most popular casino games. Before your cruise, you can practice different games online in casinos such as UFABET online or similar ones.

Food, Glorious Food, Back In Cruise Spotlight
A chef aboard the Carnival Magic completes a pasta dish in the Cucina del Capitano restaurant offering family-style Italian dining. Photo by Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines

Try Different Restaurants and Cuisines 

A cruise is a perfect opportunity to experience some of the best gourmet dishes out there. There are different restaurants on board every ship, each offering delicious meals for you to try. Some of the main dining options you should find, depending on your ship, include:

  • onboard restaurants where you can enjoy classic dishes,
  • theme restaurants that usually feature a certain cuisine,
  • buffet, which is always a good choice if you are traveling with picky children. 

Aside from these options, you will also have access to poolside grills, excellent room service, and cafes for quick snacks or a drink. Also, remember to take advantage of the complimentary food stations at the bars, including midnight buffets and late-night pizzas, so you don’t have to worry about missing any delicious meals.

The best way to make the most of this variety of choices is to plan ahead and pre-book your meals in advance so that you can try as many dishes as possible.

5 Tips for Making Your Cruise More Exciting | 22
The Alchemy Bar aboard Carnival Cruise Line ships

Dress Up for Drinks at the Bar 

Another fun way to make your cruise more exciting is to dress up for drinks at the bar and have fun with your friends, family members, or fellow cruisers by sipping different cocktails and simply enjoying yourselves. 

If you don’t like going overboard with fancy clothes or high heels, you can mix and match different pieces and come up with something that looks great on you while still feeling comfortable. 

Don’t worry about looking silly or out of place – a cruise is a perfect opportunity to try something new or put on that fancy evening dress or suit you haven’t worn that much, regardless of what time of day it is. One can even say that cruise ships have their own laws, so there’s really no reason to shy away from doing something extra just for yourself.

Sunset aboard UnCruise Adventures.
We had beautiful sunsets every night during our Hawaii cruise with UnCruise Adventures.

Don’t Forget to Take Photos

No matter how wonderful your cruise experience is and how exciting it gets, don’t forget to take pictures. When it comes to cruises and other special occasions, photos are an amazing way for you to relive your memories and share your experience with friends and family. 

Your camera will also come in handy when your ship stops in different ports. Use this opportunity to step off the deck and explore the town you’re currently in. Take lots of photos for your family album, pose for Instagram-worthy pics, and you’ll never forget the fun you had on that cruise!

Big Summer Blowout
Princess Cay

In Conclusion

Cruises are the perfect way to travel, meet new people, explore different places and have fun. If you’re about to embark on a cruise, don’t worry about whether you will have enough fun – with a bit of preparation and planning and by taking some time to get to know everything that your ship has to offer, you will surely have a lot of fun and enjoy your time on board.

Follow the tips above, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Visit the casino to play some slots or blackjack, experiment with different foods and explore the restaurants, take lots of photos, and consider dressing up in fancy clothes while mingling with other passengers. 

Additionally, consider splurging on a room with a veranda, so you have more personal space and a place to enjoy the breathtaking sea views. Happy sailing!

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