5 Tricks to Make Your Next Cruise More Enjoyable

Would you agree that cruises are amazing? Probably you would because of how one can not like the exquisite comfort that such a trip offers.

All you need is just a couple of minutes away on the board, including food, accommodations, daily activities, and nightly fun. You get it all, from the endless fun in the water to rock-climbing walls, movie nights, sports courts, sunbathing, and so on. Thus, you can get entertained for a couple of lifetimes just by staying onboard.

Whenever the cruise liner arrives at a new destination, it seems like going on a whole new adventure over and over again. Each new port gives you so many unforgettable memories, and you experience new cultures, sights, and cuisine.

The biggest plus is that you do not have to plan out each of the trips. You just stay wherever you want to on the ship, and you arrive at places. So, most likely, we can all agree that cruises really do rock.

However, there are some inconveniences and not that great aspects of cruises, too, that can really influence your memories of the trip in a negative way. For example, seasickness could potentially destroy your vacation if you are not prepared to deal with it. Thus, let’s look at some negative aspects of going on a cruise trip, as well as ways of mitigating or even completely canceling them out.

Get to the Port City a Whole Night in Advance

You might say: “Why would I waste so much time by spending the whole day in the port city? It is much better to arrive when the cruise liner is just about to set sail.” However, thousands of cruisers miss departure annually exactly because of this attitude.

People who arrive last get to board the ship last. They experience all of the yellings of worried people who want to get onboard and their fussing. If that is your thing, of course, arrive late, but there is a much better option.

Arrive a day early, see what the city has to offer, and board the ship early. Then, you can enjoy how people are trying to get on in time while sipping a coke or margarita. 

Do Not Follow the Prescribed Food Timetable

According to the NY Times, almost all cruise liners urge their customers to eat at the same time, but you should know that it is not a necessary thing to do. If you want to miss out on the awkward small talk but not the food, you can always have it delivered to your room.

You can also find any suitable place for you to enjoy your meal. Additionally, if your cruise liner is at a port, be sure to eat out, as it will always be a more interesting experience.

Always Get the Spa Pass

There are so much rock climbing and dancing you can do onboard in the matter of a couple of days. However, a nice bubble bath is the thing that many cruisers look forward to each day.

People spend too much on continuously buying entrance tickets to spa facilities. You can save money immensely buy buying a cruise-length spa pass at the start.

Get Rid of Sickness Motion the Easy Way

Seasickness is one of the major things that can really negatively impact your cruise trip. Long waits and loud people can be irritating, but nothing beats the feeling like you are constantly falling, in addition to your insides wanting to take a stroll out of you.

According to the BBC, seasickness is seldom a problem now due to the sheer size of the cruise liners, as well as all the modern ships avoid inclement weather and employ special stabilizers to minimize the rocking. Still, if you have shown a history of having seasickness, then you have to prepare for the cruise.

With the correct preparation, the usual dizziness and nausea that are associated with seasickness are not a threat at all. Some cruise ships claim to have seasickness medication onboard, but you can never be too sure. So, here are the things which you should take on a cruise:

  •             CBD oil. According to CBDKyro, CBD oil is an essence extracted from a hemp plant. It has no high-inducive effects whatsoever, but it definitely helps with nausea and dizziness. The oil is currently being actively researched for more benefits to one’s body, but this effect has been proven in many real cases. CBD oil is a great alternative to the usual medication, as it does not take any toll on your body.
  •             Your regular motion sickness medication. If you have any motion sickness in your home first aid kit, then definitely grab it, as this treatment might come in handy in seasickness incidents. Still, if you have never really experienced motion sickness and are just afraid that you might have it, take CBD oil, and you will be just golden.

CBD oil interacts with your endocannabinoid system that, in turn, influences your nervous system. It relieves stress put on your body created by leading our daily lives and gives you the possibility to relax. As seen on CoolThingsChicago, you can find some of the best CBD oils to choose from in a click.

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Get into the Relaxed Mood Straight Away

Our fast, modern lives deteriorate our bodies and mental health swiftly. So, sometimes it might be too hard to relax with your whole body and mind so that no small “I have this and that on the agenda” thought would disturb you.

According to Vox, mindfulness meditation is a great way of reconnecting with your inner self. Too often, we get lost in the day-to-day business, and we develop a tunnel vision while our outlook on life is very skewed.

Mindfulness meditation can have positive effects on both your mental and physical health, as seen on CNN. So, do not fill up your cruise activities to “get the most of it.” Learn to step back a bit, meditate, recompose yourself, and sincerely enjoy the cruise trip.

Final Tips

The problems that are commonly associated with cruises are not a significant threat to your fun-filled vacation. They can be dealt with quite easily. Even such a factor as seasickness won’t negatively impact your vacation if you get onboard prepared and ready to enjoy your trip.


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