6 Awesome Things To Love Aboard Norwegian Spirit

Norwegian Cruise Line has a long history of providing an incredible cruise experience. Established in 1966, they may have just perfected it. We recently returned from a cruise to Alaska aboard this beautiful ship after a week of being spoiled by her crew and staff.

Things To Love Aboard Norwegian Spirit

Things To Love Aboard Norwegian Spirit
6 Awesome Things To Love Aboard Norwegian Spirit 45

The Norwegian Spirit was built in 1998 and refurbished in 2019. She is 75,904 gross tons and has a passenger capacity of only 2,018. The ship has no kid’s areas and is focused on an elevated experience focused primarily on Adult cruisers.

Our cruise gave me an up-close look as some of the amazing features and amenities guests can expect when taking a cruise aboard this beautiful $100 million dollar refurbished ship. I wanted to share six awesome things to love aboard Norwegian Spirit.

Balcony Stateroom

We really enjoyed the comfort and quality of the our stateroom aboard the Norwegian Spirit. The refurbished balcony stateroom assigned to us was like new. It has USB ports at the desk and below both reading lamps on each side of the bed. It also had plenty of storage and a nice sized flat screen TV. The desk area was functional and also comfortable for me to get some work done in during our trip.

The bathroom was very nice and functional. The shower was very spacious and had really nice water pressure (something I enjoy). I loved it’s solid door, it was almost like being at home. The toilet was also nicely placed and we enjoyed this bathroom for it’s thoughtful design.

The best part of our stateroom was the nice-sized balcony that allowed us to soak up the Sun and take in the fantastic views while sailing away from Vancouver to begin our Alaskan cruise or to enjoy the views while cruising. Either way, we highly recommend a balcony stateroom aboard this ship. I feel it helps you get closer to the different places, and easily see the changing views as you travel—a must during an Alaskan cruise.

Onda by Scarpetta

We really enjoyed our dinner at specialty restaurant Onda by Scarpetta. This was our first time experiencing this restaurant aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. Everything was very fresh paired with the wonderful service.

I love a good Pizza and the Margherita pizza we sampled before dinner was perfect along with the incredible handcrafted Pasta. The restaurant get it’s name Onda, or “wave” in Italian, brings the charm and effortless elegance of its critically acclaimed sister restaurant, Scarpetta, to sea.

During our visit and I ordered the MEZZELUNE which are hand made pasta filled with ricotta, spinach accompanied by preserved truffle, butter and sage. I would certainly order this again and hope you will to when you visit this incredible restaurant. Until then be sure to look at the menu, click here.

Be prepared to experience a modern Italian culinary experience from Scarpetta’s signature pastas like the famous Spaghetti Tomato & Basil to unique and mouthwatering seafood creations. Be sure to leave room for dessert. Don’t forget you can share. Just be sure to make reservations at the guest services desk, as reservations go quickly for this very popular restaurant.

Stardust Theatre & Shows

The Stardust Theatre was one of the most unique theatre’s I’ve seen at sea. Why? It’s located in the aft of the ship.

Yes, The Norwegian Spirit’s main theatre’s is located in the rear of the ship. This two story theatre features a European opera style auditorium, with a lovely side balcony-like seating.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Norwegian production shows onboard and highly recommend you not miss, the show Elements, World Beat and Blazing Boots (PG-13).


If you like garlic fried rice, sizzling meat or vegetables with a show, this is the right place. We really enjoy Japanese Steak Houses’ and Teppanyaki cooking on land and I can attest that the Teppanyaki aboard the Norwegian Spirit did not disappoint.

The chef was very entertaining and the food was magnificent. Just be warned, this specialty restaurant is very popular so be sure to make reservations shortly after boarding. If full you can also check regularly for any cancelations.

The Social Comedy Club

If you don’t look closely, you might miss this wonderful venue and lounge. The Social Comedy Club aboard the Norwegian Spirit is tucked away to the rear of the impressive Casino area. So be sure to check your deck plan to navigate to this area.

It’s beautiful styling and inviting colors really make this is wonderful place to take in a show or meet friends for drinks.

During our cruise we enjoyed cocktails here one night and watching a comedy show by the incredible Comedian Scotty Goff. This veteran comedian was actually a public-school teacher before retiring and starting his career. Seeing a comedy show while cruising is something I really enjoy most about cruising. Goff has everyone roaring with laughter durin his performance. It was such a joy to be able to see such a high caliber comedy show during a cruise.

Spice H2O

The Spice H20 area found aboard the Norwegian Spirit an area onboard I really enjoyed. This grand space is a great place to relax and have a drink. It features amazing views of the ships wake and your current surroundings.

It also conveniently located near the buffet and many staterooms. I loved the large pool and hot tub’s, it was perfect. The whole area is inspired by the renowned summer beach parties on the island of Ibiza. This adult-only area has padded lounge chairs and amenities to relax and soak up the Sun.

Today many modern cruise ship design doesn’t include public spaces like this anymore. They are often now used for high-end suites or private areas. Previously grand aft-pool areas like this were found on many cruise ship’s.

This is a real gem in my book and one of the reason’s I’ll look forward to re-booking a cruise aboard the Norwegian Spirit in the future.

Let’s try to keep this amazing ship a secret among us Ok?

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