7 Reasons Why Going on a Cruise Benefits Your Health

We all already know that cruise vacations are an excellent way to relax, unwind, and see some more of the world. However, did you know that there are also proven health benefits to taking a cruise every once in a while? Here are 7 of the most prominent reasons why taking to the sea, river or lake is good for your overall well-being.

Relaxation and Sunshine

No matter what you like to do in your spare time, almost everyone finds it easy to relax on board a cruise ship. If you need to de-stress and unwind, this is a great way to do it! Take a load off on the deck, lie by the pool with your new favourite book, enjoy some great NZ betting online in your cabin, or have a relaxed dinner with friends and family. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time on a cruise, you will almost certainly enjoy every moment of it!

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Another huge health benefit of being on a cruise ship is all that sweet sun you will be soaking up. Sunlight is a fantastic source of Vitamin D, which has been proven to boost your mood, enhance your health, and even stave off certain types of cancer.

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On-Board Classes and Fitness Centers

Hate going to the gym? You might find it easier while you’re floating out in the Caribbean somewhere! Modern cruise liners are equipped with an astounding array of conveniences, including comprehensive fitness centres and exercise classes for guests. Remember to bring your workout gear along so that you can indulge in spin classes, running, yoga, tai chi, and many more fantastic fitness activities to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Opportunities to Socialize

Humans are naturally social creatures, and we tend to get very lonely without adequate opportunity to socialize. If you have been cooped up in your office for too long, a cruise might be exactly what you need to take a well-deserved break and catch up with the people you love the most. You might even make some new friends while on board, especially if you get involved with extramural activities like fitness classes and karaoke. Socializing is fantastic for your health, so get out there and get chatting!

7 Reasons Why Going on a Cruise Benefits Your Health | 7
aboard Viking Star” width=”1024″ height=”683″ /> The Spa aboard Viking Star

Spa Treatments

If you’re in need of a self-care day or two, a cruise is the best place to be. On board spas often boast relaxing and pampering massages, skin treatments, facials, exfoliation regimes, and saunas to help you unwind and rejuvenate. What could be healthier than that?

Healthful Dining Options

When picturing cruise food, you might be thinking of those rich all-you-can-eat buffet tables and luxury world cuisines. However, cruises also cater to their health-conscious guests with a range of tasty, calorie-controlled options that are guilt free to enjoy. With that said, remember to make room for the odd indulgent treat every now and then…

On-board Fitness Experts

Do you have any medical or health conditions you are concerned about? All good cruises offer the services of on-board fitness and health experts should you need them. Contact them whenever you wish and you will never be short of professional assistance. Specialties can range from skin care, weight loss and more.

Diving, Snorkelling and Swimming

These are some of the best aspects of any cruise adventure. Diving and snorkelling are popular daytime activities on ocean cruises, and swimming pools are generally available 24/7 for cruise-goers to enjoy. Either way, you will be getting fabulous exercise – and getting the most out of your water-borne experience too.


You won’t be able to hike on board, of course, but once you have arrived at one of your cruise’s destinations you definitely can! This is a great way to see as much as you possibly can while getting good exercise and plenty of fresh air on your travels. Just remember to pack comfortable walking shoes for the journey!

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