7 Things To Do On a Cruise Ship On A Rainy Day

So, your dream cruise holiday hasn’t gone to plan. You’ve spent months saving money and weeks organising but some things can’t be accounted for. Whether you’re in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, nobody can guarantee the weather. Rain can stop holiday plans in their tracks.

But not if you’re on a cruise ship. Thankfully, ocean liners have plans in place in the event of rain. The fun doesn’t stop with the sun when you’re on a luxury liner. Cruise lines have your entertainment in mind when they design the ships. There are a million things to do on a cruise when it’s raining outside but let’s start with seven.

Eat & Drink

Cruise liners are known for their food. The sheer selection of world cuisine is the stuff of legend amongst travellers so why not dig in? The buffet is the norm for most companies so line up and grab a plate. Or, if sit-down meals are more your thing then there will be plenty of options from quick bites to fine dining.

7 Things To Do On a Cruise Ship On A Rainy Day | 18

Say you prefer a liquid lunch then every cruise liner on the seas will have you covered. Most will have a wide selection of bars serving everything from bottle beer to homemade cocktails. Just make sure you don’t get seasick.

Spa Time

Holidays are all about relaxation for most so why should rain put a stop to that? It’s now the norm for luxury lines like P&O Cruises to come complete with a full spa and wellness centre. But that doesn’t just mean a couple of massage tables and soothing music. No, many liners offer luxurious treatment plans from aromatherapy and skincare to acupuncture and sauna facilities.

Play some Games

There’s nothing like a bit of competition. That desire to win can still be satisfied at sea with many forms of gaming available on most ships. Arcades are a common sight on most ships with classic games sitting alongside more advanced machines. Consoles are often set up and ready to be played by kids of all ages.

7 Things To Do On a Cruise Ship On A Rainy Day | 18

But many passengers will prefer gaming which is a little more adult. Casinos are just as common on cruise liners once the ships are out at sea. Whether you’re a blackjack player or prefer roulette, practice makes perfect. Hone your skills at an online casino like Betway beforehand to better your chances of winning big. Who knows, you may even win the cost of your holiday back.

Tour the Ship

Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise liner on the water today. It can carry up to 6,680 passengers and weighs over 228,000 tonnes. There’s a lot to explore in a ship that size, the perfect activity for a rainy day. You could spend a fortnight on board and barely visit some parts of a liner that enormous. Many companies even offer tours of the ship that offer a behind-the-curtain look at these great vessels.

Work up a Sweat

It’s important to exercise, even at sea. Cruise lines know this which is why so many of them have onboard gym facilities at no extra cost. Work up a sweat on the treadmill or pump some iron to raise that heart rate.

If the gym isn’t your scene, many companies have a host of other sporting facilities to help you shake off the cobwebs. Basketball and tennis courts are a common sight on most luxury cruise liners today. NCL’s Norwegian Bliss even has mini golf, laser tag, and a full go-kart track.

Catch a Show

Cruise lines will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure passengers are entertained. This includes hiring world-renowned entertainers to put on shows on the high seas. Princess Cruises are no exception to that, bringing live music and theatre to their liners.

The Grammy and Tony Award-winner Stephen Schwartz is a part of Princess Cruises. The brain behind Pocahontas, Wicked, and Pippin brings all-new original musicals to the liner. But it isn’t just musical theatre on cruise liners today. Many will put on all kinds of shows from stand-up comedy to magic and circus acts.

Most large cruise ships will come complete with an impressive library so why not sit back with a novel? Failing that, many will also put on film screenings, showing the latest blockbusters and classic movies. Naturally, Disney Cruise Line takes this pretty seriously. The on-board Buena Vista Theatre has 3D films and 7.1 Dolby surround sound. The liner screens a selection of classic and modern films from across the Disney catalogue. Nothing beats cinema at sea.

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