Albatros Expeditions Reveals New Ship Achieves Lowest Greenhouse Gases Emissions Per Passenger

Albatros Expeditions has announced that following the successful sea trials for the brand-new expedition cruise vessel, Ocean Victory, they are convinced the ship will deliver the lowest Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions per passenger in the industry.

The environmental performance is created by the unique features of the vessel. Hans Lagerweij, the company’s president, explains:

“First of all, Ocean Victory has Tier III compliant engines, the cleanest engines in the world that limit the amount of nitrous oxides. Secondly, we only burn marine gas oil, which emits less CO2 per ton burned compared to a heavier bunker fuel. Thirdly, the patented and revolutionary Ulstein X-bow is fantastically efficient, especially with surf and in rougher seas. And lastly, Ocean Victory has a fully optimised compact design, providing comfortable space for 185 guests in only 104 metres length and just over 8000 gross tonnage”.

According to Albatros Travel Group owner and founder, Søren Rasmussen, the ship uses 60 per cent less energy. Rasmussen says “We look forward to the day when we can replace the last 40 percent with sustainable fuel”.

Søren is proud Ocean Victory is further supporting the sustainable vision of Albatros Travel, and says: “We received our first sustainable travel award back in 1997, when most of the industry had no clue what sustainable travel meant, so of course we are always wanting to aim higher and find new solutions”.

Ocean Victory

Ocean Victory is 104 metres long, 18 metres wide, and features 93 large staterooms. The vessel is part of a brand-new generation of low-energy vessels and is of the highest Ice Class 1A, Polar Code 6. It has been built with Safe Return to Port, Dynamic Positioning and Zero Speed Stabilisers. The vessel showcases the X-Bow® by Ulstein Design & Solutions. The interior design has Nordic touches as well as environmentally friendly amenities in all staterooms. The ship will be operated by Albatros Expeditions in Antarctica, with the first voyage scheduled for November of 2021. In the summer season, the ship is on charter to Victory Cruise Lines for operations in Alaska.

Ocean Victory will be joined by its sister ship, Ocean Albatros, in October 2022. Ocean Albatros will be operated by Albatros Expeditions year around in Antarctica and the Arctic and will also feature the innovative and unique ‘Remote Islands of The Mid Atlantic’ voyage.

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