4 Alternative Ways to Cruise the Waters in Style

If you like the idea of being on the water for holidays, then a cruise is your ideal way of travelling. Nowadays, cruise companies have tie-ups with many marine resorts and water sports associations to offer tourists an alternative form of vacation. But these are not all about long-distance cruises over oceans, from one country to another. 

The term cruise itself means travelling by boat over water bodies for leisure. And so, with the differences in size and location of water bodies, many new forms of cruises have developed over time. Each of the variations come with their own set of features. 

But just knowing is not enough. So, for your convenience, we have shortlisted four alternative ways to cruise the waters in style with some amazing suggestions. Read on!

1. River Cruises 

River cruising is a mesmerizing, calming, and delightful form of travel where you can unwind yourself and relish the exotic scenery along the banks of waterways. Basically, a river cruise is an overnight cruise on a coastal area such as a lake, river, or Intracoastal waterway. Usually, it’s for 7-nights or more, along with stops on small ports of call, and sometimes docking on the river’s edge. 

Besides, these cruises can carry 100-250 guests, depending on the ship size. Apart from this, River cruises are popular among the major rivers worldwide, including Danube, Rhine, Volga, Amazon river, etc. Among all, the Amazon river cruise is an adventure like no other. You will experience a mysterious realm of intrinsic creatures and spiritual shamans as you move into the voyage of a lifetime. 

Ocean cruises may sound similar to river cruises, but in actuality, they are not. Ocean cruises are able to host more guests than a river cruise. Besides, a river cruise offers trekking, shallow waters, Wi-Fi, alcohol, and more which are included in the price. Ultimately, river cruises are perfect for those who like a more relaxed and cherished form of travel. 

2. Yachting 

Yachting is truly a magical experience where you can have the best time of your life with family and friends. A trip on a yacht is much more private and fancier as compared to a boat or a ship. Moreover, yachts are designed for relaxation, recreation, fun, and comfort. Besides, you can enjoy many different locations rather than being stuck on only one. 

If you find one beach busy, you can move on to another. The yacht captain will take you to several different locations in one day, and you will find an ample number of sites to take sunbathe on a deck that will make your trip a fabulous vacation. And, what’s better than moving to different islands by taking a yacht charter while discovering the wildlife? 

You must visit Galapagos island for one of the best archipelagoes experiences and get fascinated by the breathtaking volcanic landscapes and sparkling blue waters. It will let you disconnect from the outer world and distractions. And nothing beats sipping a glass of champagne alongside your favorite person while enjoying a serene sunset. If it’s the kind of peace you are looking for in a vacation, then a luxury Galapagos yacht charter is an ideal choice for you.

3. Small Ship Island Hopping

Small ship island hopping is another adventurous and unforgettable way of cruising that will totally transform your vacation experience. Unlike the larger cruises, small ships take the travelers to more intrinsic destinations. You can travel around the extrinsic Galapagos islands, Hawaii islands, or explore the beautiful and colorful coral rings of the Maldives. Small ports alongside the Mediterranean and Adriatic, are also worth exploring.

Furthermore, small ship island hopping is perfect for those who like to travel to prominent destinations but want personalized one-on-one facilities on board. And also, for those looking for a budget-friendly vacation on the ocean. Moreover, island hopping will allow you to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views while sailing from atolls to archipelago islets. 

There are ultimate unspoiled spots for chilled-out island hopping in Greece, apart from its clear seas. You can explore the Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, and other islands in a relaxing and comfortable way. Apart from this, you can enjoy a glimpse of beautiful white sugar-cube buildings, white sand beaches, beach bars, jaw-dropping sunset views, and tiny white churches. 

4. Narrowboating 

Cruising on the canals in narrowboats is a famous recreation in Europe and the UK. Canal boats which are also called narrowboats or even longboats, are simpler to rent and drive. Besides, it provides opportunities for a unique family holiday to cherish forever. This type of vacation is ideal for short breaks and long weekends, for families, couples, and friends.

Cruising the canals in the UK will offer you an outdoor adventure where you will encounter the famous locks, exciting tunnels, swing bridges. Besides, you can cross the aqueducts above rivers and valleys, which is quite a mesmerizing experience.

Besides, pubs are one of the exciting things about a narrowboat holiday. If you decide to buy a small narrowboat you will get everything from a modern kitchen to self-cater and beds to showers and heating aboard. Moreover, you will also get a chance to explore small waterside villages, historic cities, and fantastic countryside from your floating home. 

Alongside you can not miss the stop by points for cycling, walking, and fishing which is excellent for healthy and fun activities. All in all, these destinations and outside experience on the cruise will offer you an incredible place to relax and treasure.

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