Am I Allowed to Play Online Casinos While on a Cruise?

While there is no doubt that online casinos such as Slotsia are a great deal of fun, it is just as important to note that these very same platforms can be accessed while out and about. This leads to an important question. Is it possible to access an online casino while on a holiday cruise? There are a handful of variables to take into account, so let us have a closer look so that your can plan your getaway accordingly.

Jurisdictional Considerations

We need to remember that online gambling and sports betting are heavily involved with jurisdictional concerns. In other words, certain parts of the world permit these pastimes while others prohibit them entirely. This is important to note, as ships will be governed by applicable gaming laws once they approach within a specific distance of a certain port. For instance, it is legal to access online gaming platforms in Spain. Those who are approaching the port of Barcelona will therefore have no concerns. However, online gambling is (currently) not allowed in the majority of the United States. This will need to be taken into account when approaching American shores.

What About Maritime Law?

Maritime law can be a slightly confusing subject, as some of the associated regulations date back for hundreds of years. So, are you allowed to access offers such as the £5 no deposit bonus provided by Slotsia? This will depend upon the ship in question.

Any cruise ship which is located more than 12 miles off of the coastline is considered to be in international waters. The ship in question is deemed to be a “territorial extension” from its country of origin. Therefore, cruise ships registered with the United States maritime authorities will prohibit online gambling while you are on board.

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Age Restrictions

Another common question involves the age limitations associated with online gaming while on board a cruise vessel. After all, one of the best ways to plan a perfect holiday at sea is to know what activities might not be permitted in reference to specific age groups. Most experts agree that players will need to be at least 21 years old in order to legally gamble via an online gaming site. However, we should also mention once again that certain countries (such as the United Kingdom) have dropped this age limit to 18 years. If your cruise ship is sailing under the UK flag, you can legally gamble as long as you meet this minimum age requirement.

Taking Into Account Other Factors

Of course, it is always wise to make certain that you have a secure and reliable connection before accessing any online gaming site. Furthermore, perform a bit of research in order to determine whether or not you will be obligated to pay any taxes if you happen to win a sizeable amount of money. This will once again depend upon the origin of the ship as well as where you might be located.

Online casinos are great ways to pass the time and with any luck, you could turn an appreciable profit while on holiday. It is still very important to understand the relevant rules and regulations. When in doubt, it is best to contact the cruise line in question so that further answers can be addressed.

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