American Cruise Lines’ Unveils Design Details of its New Modern Riverboats

American Cruise Lines has recently revealed design details of its new modern riverboats. American first announced its plans for the series of 5 in March. At 345 feet long and 60 feet wide, the new riverboats will feature the largest staterooms in the U.S., private balconies, and hotel-size bathrooms.

Modern Riverboat Deck Plan
Modern Riverboat Deck Plan

The spacious accommodations are a result of constructing only 2 staterooms across the entire width of the ship. This design approach is unique and vastly different from many riverboats which force 3 to 4 staterooms within a similar width. “The thoughtful layout of our new builds allows for all outward facing staterooms and private balconies,” says Timothy Beebe, Vice President of American. “Every guest has a magnificent view.”

The modern riverboats will also feature a four story atrium in the center of the ship.

“The atrium will be the largest of its kind on a riverboat and will create an incredible first impression for guests as they board,” says Beebe.

Carrying 200 passengers, the first riverboat inspired by modern design is scheduled to begin passenger service on the Lower Mississippi River in the fall of 2018 and reservations are now being accepted. Columbia & Snake River cruises aboard the new riverboats are slated to begin in 2019.

Construction of the new fleet is currently underway at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, MD. In addition to the modern riverboats, American Cruise Lines has also recently completed construction on its new coastal cruise ship, American Constellation. American Constitution,sister ship to Constellation, is also under construction as part of American’s new build program.

To learn more about American Cruise Lines, visit or call 800-814-6880.

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