Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise

Amsterdam has been a popular destination for tourists for centuries, for one due to its relaxed stance towards practices frowned upon in other countries, but also due to the popular River Cruises that it offers. If you are visiting the capital of the Netherlands (sometimes incorrectly named Holland) anytime soon and want to organize a river cruise, we hope that by providing you with some useful information in this article, you will be able to choose one that best fits your preferences. Cruises range from more focused on showing attractions along the river, to one’s that are focused on partying. You can choose to book longer cruises, which will take you through a number of countries, or even stick to just day-time booze-cruises that will just stick to the Netherlands and Amsterdam. We will be including both 

Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise | 24
Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise 7

Before moving on to the rest of the article, there is another important element to discuss, namely airport transportation. If you are arriving at Schiphol Airport, and are looking for Amsterdam Airport taxi, there are a number of providers who offer this service, although none come close to offering the personalized experience that AtoB Transfer does. What truly sets them apart, is the ability they give you to include extra add-ons to your airport transfer, tailor-making it to fit your travel needs. Thus, if you are traveling with children, let’s say, you can include child seats to keep them safe during the trip. Aside from that you can also include additional stops, to pick up friends, or even have your Spotify Playlist blasting during the trip by airport taxi!

Now, with that out of the way, let’s move on to the Art of the River Cruise in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Requiem
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Exploring with a River Cruise

An enchanting journey such as this offers you a multitude of benefits, as well as a unique and immersive experience exploring Western Europe’s rivers. As you gracefully sail along the peaceful rivers, you can revel in the breathtaking scenery, passing villages, lush vineyards, and age-old castles. With an Exploration river cruise, you have the advantage of unpacking only once, as your floating hotel takes you from one captivating destination to another. You’ll definitely appreciate the convenience of waking up each morning in a new port of call, ready to explore the cultural treasures that await you. 

Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise | 24
Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise 8

From Amsterdam, you can embark on a memorable adventure along the Rhine, Danube, or other smaller waterways, immersing yourself in the local cultures and history of the Netherlands and Germany along the way. While prices vary will of course vary, a week-long river cruise from Amsterdam can typically range from $2,000 to $6,000 per person. The cost will most likely include the accommodation, meals, onboard activities, and sometimes also guided tours, making it an inclusive experience. What is also all-inclusive is an Amsterdam airport transfer with AtoB, where after payment you won’t need to spend a single extra cent.

Relaxing with Canal Cruises

Canal cruises in Amsterdam offer a delightful way to explore the city’s iconic waterways and historic sites. With many different types of Canal Cruise available, you get to choose the type of canal cruise that best suits your preferences and interests. For those seeking a leisurely and informative experience, a guided sightseeing tour is an excellent choice. These cruises provide insightful commentary about Amsterdam’s history, architecture, and landmarks, giving you a deeper understanding of the city’s rich heritage. 

Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise | 24
Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise 9

If you’re looking for a romantic and intimate setting, a candlelit dinner cruise is the perfect option. Indulge in a delectable meal while gliding along the canals, soaking in the enchanting ambiance and twinkling lights of the city. 

For the more adventurous and independent traveler, a hop-on-hop-off canal cruise allows you to explore at your own pace. These cruises provide flexibility, enabling you to disembark at various stops to visit attractions and then continue your journey when you’re ready. 

Additionally, themed cruises, such as those focused on art, architecture, or nightlife, cater to specific interests, offering a unique and tailored experience. Ultimately, the right canal cruise depends on the client’s preferences, whether they seek information, romance, flexibility, or a specialized focus. This is also true for Amsterdam airport taxi AtoB offers, with various different vehicle types, the one you choose depends on how you like to travel.


If you prefer taking in a little culture as well, there are a number of combo options that include both a canal cruise, as well as a ticket to a museum of your choice. The most popular museum combination is the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, although a near second place is the Heineken Experience tour. For the former, you get a trip down one of Amsterdam’s most picturesque canals, before being taken to the museum. Included with the ticket is a Skip-the-Line extra, which means you won’t be waiting outside once you have reached the museum, you can go straight in! 

Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise | 24
Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise 10

The same is true for the Heineken Experience, although this has the added bonus of including drinks and food on the cruise, meaning you can have a few pre-drinks before the “experience” begins! At the museum, you can enjoy a tasting session, which also explains “how to best enjoy your beer”, we imagine the advice is “quickly”! You will also be able to witness the brewing process of the beer and learn a few secrets along the way. Something that isn’t a secret though, is AtoB airport transfer service – don’t forget to book!

Romantic Trips

Are you and your partner looking to spice things up a little during your next trip to Amsterdam? Well, not much could beat a romantic River or Canal Cruise. Each cruise can be tailor-made to enchant both young couples and older married pairs. Immerse yourselves in the captivating beauty of the city’s waterways, where love and history intertwine. 

Whether you’re a young couple seeking to create unforgettable memories or an older married duo rekindling your spark, the romance of Amsterdam’s river and canal cruises is unparalleled. Savor a gourmet dinner under the moonlit sky, sipping fine wine and savoring delectable cuisine as you toast to your love. Let the gentle sway of the boat and the enchanting atmosphere transport you to a world of pure romance. Don’t miss the opportunity to create lifelong memories with the one you love in the heart of Amsterdam’s magical waterways.

Amsterdam Requiem: The Art of the River Cruise | 24

Have we convinced you yet? Cruises are one of the most popular past-times in Amsterdam, whether it is for an afternoon, or even a whole week. What is also important to say, is that these cruises don’t only operate during the sunny summer months; although it will likely be much more pleasant to serenely cruise down the waterways with the sun shining overhead, booking one during the colder months also comes with its own pleasures, as you can visit a number of Christmas Markets, and see the snow-covered landscape of Western Europe during the winter. No matter when you choose to book a cruise, we are sure you will have an unforgettable time. Happy Travels!

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