Are the Cruise Line Casinos Fair and Legitimate

Gambling is a popular form of entertainment. As such, it is a very profitable addition to cruise lines. Most cruise lines offer an onboard casino to their clients. These casinos remain a favourite attraction.

If you’ve entered a land-based casino, you’ve probably wondered if they’re fair. The same happens with cruise line casinos. It’s natural to be cautious, especially if your own money is involved. At the online casino, we share some legitimate casinos that you can try.

Our expert writer, Kate Richards, shares her knowledge on these and other topics related to gambling and casinos. 

This article will go over the various aspects of luxury liners’ casinos to determine if they’re legitimate and fair.

What Is Different About Cruise Line Casinos?

There are a few differences between casinos on land versus casinos on luxury liners. Below we‘ll look into some of the significant variations that you can expect.


We all know that the odds are always in the houses’ favour when we gamble. This is even more true on cruise line casinos. This isn’t illegal or unfair, but rather just a variation in the payout. As such, don’t expect a luxury liner’s casino to payout the same amount of winnings as land casinos.

So, if you’re on a luxury liner with access to a casino, make sure you go with the focus of having fun rather than walking away with big winnings.

Available Games

Although luxury liner casinos are usually smaller than their land-based counterparts, they can still offer an assortment of the most popular games. You’ll undoubtedly find slots, poker tables, blackjack tables, craps tables and roulette tables. 

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your favourite games at a luxury liner casino.

Gambling Age

There are some exceptions to this, and it’ll be largely dependent on the route your cruise line is following. If you are cruising in waters off the USA’s coast, the age limit will be 21 years. However, if you’re on a cruise heading to international waters, the age limit is 18 years old.

Opening Times

Several laws govern overseas casino gambling. These are once again dependent on the jurisdiction the cruise liner is in. There’s one basic rule regarding the opening times for cruise ship casino gambling. That rule is that the casino is open while the ship is at sea.

This means that while the ship is docked, the casino will be closed. We can play games like slots and coin pushers at any time. Whereas table games that require staff might not be available at all hours.

Drinks – Are They Free?

Certain land-based casinos offer free drinks while you gamble. This can be a great bonus to the whole experience. However, most cruise lines do not offer this, and you will still need to pay for any drinks while you gamble unless you are part of the specific cruise lines loyalty programme and this is offered as a benefit to those with high loyalty status.

How Are Cruise Line Casinos Regulated?

The association that regulates the equipment, rules of play, internal audits, internal control procedure for cash counting, and customer service is called Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

CLIA follows the regulatory standards and rules of play from licensed and established casinos.

Is Casino Legal?

You may wonder, is the casino legal? How can you tell? The simple rule of thumb is that while you’re in international waters, gambling is legal. So making use of cruise ship entertainment is entirely legal.

The casino will close when the ship enters seas where gambling isn’t allowed and when the ship docks to conform to local gambling laws.

Is Gambling on Cruise Line Casinos Fair and Legitimate?

The simple answer is yes. The cruise line will be risking too much by running an unfair casino. The profit they make from running a legitimate casino is much more and less risky than trying to trick players and act unfairly.

Try the Casino on Your Next Cruise

People have reported extraordinary experiences from cruise ship casinos. So make sure that you try the cruise ship casino gambling on your next holiday. You may find that it is a great way to relax and enjoy some pleasant entertainment while on the ship.

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Kate Richards
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