Autonomous Luggage review: The Flier 2

The excitement you feel when planning your next vacation! And the angst you feel when you realize you have to pack your luggage. the process can become complicated, especially if you don’t have any sort of suitcase and you have to shop around for one. You should factor in durability, size, and price in your research process. But sometimes, even if you carefully analyze these variables, you still have a hard time deciding which solution is the best for you.

The market features a series of products that bring excitement to many travelers’ life. The Autonomous luggage pieces are appreciated by a growing number of users today. Part of the Internet has fallen in love with these products because of some specs all these products share. But the Flier 2 collection excels through the following:

  • Design;
  • Durability;
  • Compartment layout;
  • Size variety;
  • High security levels;
  • Ease of use;
  • Extended warranty.

But let’s break down those features and learn more about every little aspect that makes this product so appreciated.

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A common plus found by all users is this product’s design. The style is classy and sleek, the wheels are silent, thanks to the Hinomoto super silent double wheels with 360° rotation. The luggage pieces’ proportions are just perfect. Each option available in the Flier 2 collection is lightweight and makes the luggage easy to handle and move around.

On to the looks of the Autonomous Flier 2 luggage pieces. The black and deep blue colors make them look classy and neutral, being easy to incorporate in all outfits. Although this isn’t an important matter for many travelers, others see it as a big plus.  

Overall, the product’s design comes as an impactful first impression when you interact with it!


The product’s durability is partly offered by the indestructible polycarbonate shell.

We are all anxious about what will happen with our luggage after checking in. How many times will it be slammed during the process?

Travelers that constantly worry about their luggage’s safety can rest assured the polycarbonate shell absorbs all kinds of shocks. All your items will be safely stored in the beautifully-compartmented case. Besides, the shell is scratch-resistant and waterproof. These two features will allow you to use your Flier 2 suitcases for years, in perfect form, no matter the outdoor conditions.  

The YKK metal zippers also contribute to the luggage pieces’ durability. Being known as some of the most exquisitely-manufactured zippers, you won’t find yourself struggling to find a new piece of luggage because your old one’s zippers have fallen apart.

The carry-on versions in the Flier 2 collection are manufactured out of tear-resistant, waterproof oxford fabric, allowing you to enjoy this smaller luggage piece for years of intensive use.

For the price point at which these luggage pieces are available, they truly are a steal, considering their durability!

As a fun trivia, the product is engineered from a thermoplastic polymer, commonly used in quality helmets. Designed with reinforced corners, your suitcase will absorb impacts, and you will enjoy some extra space for all your belongings.

Compartment Layout

The Flier 2 Check-in Large 27” Black luggage may have one of the best compartment layouts in all luggage pieces out there! The compartments are smartly split into several storage compartments.

The laundry compartment will allow you to keep your used clothing articles away from the fresh ones. Besides, the laundry compartment is designed to absorb unpleasant odors and keep the rest of your luggage fresh!

The Flier 2 check-in large luggage also has a special electronic device storage compartment, helping you stress less about your electronic devices’ safety when traveling. The rest of your luggage will be orderly and clean, thanks to the smart compartments.

And speaking about orderly luggage pieces, when using this one you won’t find your clothing laying around in a complete mess.

Size Variety

Wouldn’t be incredible to find the same extra safety and sleek design in different sizes? Well, the minds behind this amazing piece of luggage have thought of everything. Now the Flier comes in different sizes, to accommodate different types of travelers and their needs.

  • The Flier Carry-On 20″ – with an exterior of approximately 21.7” x 13.7” x 9” and interior space of 20” x 13.5”.
  • The Flier Carry-On 20″ Pocket – with similar dimensions and an extra exterior pocket of approximately 11.4” x 15.3”.
  • The Flier Check-In Medium 24″ – the medium option comes in 26” x 18.5” x 11” on the exterior and 24” x 17.5” interior.
  • The Filter Check-In Large 27″ – the large option is significantly more generous, with an interior of 27” x 19.5” and exterior of 29” x 20.5” x 12.5”.

No matter what your travel style is, the Autonomous luggage pieces will come to meet your needs.


If you are a little paranoid that someone will go through your luggage after the security check, you’re not the only one. Everybody is worried about it!

Well, the Autonomous Flier 2 luggage pieces share an incredible feature: a TSA-approved combination lock that will help you have your peace of mind. While the lock itself allows TSA employees to have a look at your luggage during routine checks, it will keep opportunists away.

Ease of Use

The dimensions the Autonomous Flier 2 come in are internationally-approved, making packing a breeze! The luggage pieces also have expandable depths, ensuring that you won’t have to worry too much because of some extra shopping on your vacation. The sizes available are also suitable for train or airplane use, allowing you allowing you not to limit your travel means. The rubber handle ensures easy handling, preventing you from hurting your hands when manipulating your luggage.

Extended Warranty

Like all the other Autonomous luggage pieces, this product also comes with a 1-year warranty. Whatever goes wrong with your luggage piece, the team at Autonomous will have it fixed! Besides, all clients enjoy a 30-day trial period to test the product. If it doesn’t make you fall in love, you can have a refund!

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The Price

If all the features above have made you think the large check-in luggage comes at exorbitant prices, you will be surprised to find out the Autonomous Flier 2 Check-in Large 27” luggage only costs US$139 and it can be purchased with Affirm over-time payments, at a US$14 monthly rate.

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