Awesome Cruises That Make Scuba Diving Trips

If you think a cruise ship is only for sightseeing and experiencing different activities on board you’re not wrong. It is also the best way to discover new beautiful parts of the world, but you’re missing half of the picture. Every scuba divers know that when there is salt water, it is guaranteed that there’s a whole lot of marine life beneath its water surface. Making it a perfect vacation and perfect for some scuba diving session.

No matter where the cruise ship is going, it will make way to some of the world’s incredible ocean and barrier reefs. If you got your scuba certification with you, you can expect to dive from ships that are fully geared to get you underwater. But if you prefer using your things, prepare your scuba gear and equipment before your trip to have a seamless diving experience. Here are some of the cruises that make scuba diving trips fun and enjoyable.

Lindblad Expedition

It offers cruises in the South Pacific and French Polynesian. You’ll start your journey by cruising from Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Islands to Nuku Hiva before making your way back home to Papeete on Tahiti. There will be stops along the way where scuba gear for up to 24 divers will be ready and start their adventure under the sea and there will be an onboard instructor who is knowledgeable about the surrounding water and facilitate the activity. The area of Rangiroa is a famous spot for divers as it has a high number of gray reef sharks, that surround divers during their swim. You’ll see Manta Rays along Nuku Hiva with hammerhead sharks.

Aqua Expedition

It is built to explore the archipelago of Raja Ampat in Indonesia, the island has 1,500 magnificent karst islands and cays located in Eastern Indonesia, and is considered as one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Raja Ampat is one of the most admired diving spots by scuba divers as it serves as a home of 75 percent of the world’s known coral species like a pygmy seahorse to reef sharks and Manta Rays. The expedition will pass through several islands including the Coral Triangle within a seven-night trip from Sorong.

Coral Expedition

Named as one of the biggest coral systems in the world, The great barrier coral reef is truly Australia’s hidden treasure and one of the most iconic sites in the world. The coral expedition is a 42 passenger ship that was accredited as an ecotourism ship that has marine biologist experts on its field and dive guides to help maintain the beauty of the reef. The lizard island may be the ideal spot for divers as it travels to two rarely visited sections of the Ribbon Reefs, which are the most colorful and best-preserved corals among other reefs. It has been reported that Coral Expedition will introduce another itinerary that has more immersive diving experience along with the great barrier reef.

Scuba divings and visiting other places are fun for so many reasons. It does not just allow you to experience different underwater feels but also see various marine life that has been taken for granted for so long. And if you dive more often, be responsible enough to take care of the reefs and everything under the sea, so that upcoming generations can also see the beauty of marine biodiversity as you appreciate them now.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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