Benefits Of An Itinerary With A Private Island

 After recently sailing to Holland America Line’s Half Moon Cay, I realized many benefits that private islands offer for all types of cruisers. Whether it be a cruiser looking for a simple place to grab a drink or a cruiser looking to take part in exciting excursions, private islands offer a number of benefits and perks.

For once, you will be the only ship in port. There is no stress or pressure to wrestle over a beach lounger with 10,000 other cruise passengers from the 4 ships in port. Private islands are just that – private. All the island’s facilities, loungers, bars, restaurants, and excursions are reserved exclusively for your ship.

When taking an excursion at one of the many private islands, every excursion is operated by the cruise line’s staff either from the ship or a nearby port. These excursions are much safer than excursions in other ports, because the cruise lines are in charge of the excursion and its staff.

A day at a private island is meant to remove you from the hustle and bustle of a busy Caribbean port. When relaxing on the private island’s beach, there is no reason to dread the bead merchants or the hair braiders that sometimes roam public beaches in busy ports. Peace and serenity is the order of the day.

No need to worry about carrying cash ashore, you can use your ship’s room card to purchase any drinks, speciality food, or souvenirs while ashore.

Island Barbecue
Who doesn’t love an island barbecue with a view of Bahamian water and your beautiful ship in the distance?

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