Best Cruise Ships to Check Out in 2023

Cruising isn’t reserved just for the elite & wealthy. Everyone deserves a seat onboard some of the best dream liners available. It’s one thing to cruise while sitting in your car and driving down a long, winding road and another thing entirely to sip on your favorite mojito, have your favorite Hawaiian shirt on, and listen to jazz all while enjoying the waves lapping at the ship’s base while at sea.

Ships to Check Out in 2023

Not every cruise ship can offer such luxury or comfort but for those who can, and are the very best at it, we’ll cover them here in this article for you. So get your summer trunks on because we’re dishing out ships and summer vibes in tandem for your eyes to feast on!

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Now, without further ado, let’s check out the best cruise ships to take you on an unforgettable trip!

Norwegian Prima

The Norwegian Prima is actually part of a premier fleet of ships belonging to Norwegian. Built in 2022 using only the most premium of materials, The Norwegian Prime is the first of a lineup of six ships built for the Prima Class. It has some stunning, as well as, outrageous features such as a three-tiered go-karting track and a fancy, virtual reality arcade room. The entire vessel is glammed out with a calm, neutral palette of colors to embolden the furniture and various features lining each room. 

Families or individuals looking to explore the ship can opt to stroll down Ocean Boulevard, a walkway that wraps around the entire ship. Viewfinders are peppered across the Norwegian Prime’s deck to allow people to spot birds, marine life, and ports. The highlight of the ship though lies in the transparent glass walkway situated close to the middle of the ship. Quaintly named the Oceanwalk, it allows people to look directly beneath the hull of the ship and spot all that resides inside the sea. 

Silver Endeavour — Silversea

Looking for a bit of an expedition around the North Pole? The Silver Endeavour offers a luxury cruise on Atlantic waters with none of the freeze-your-butt-off cold and all the premium amenities one would come to expect of such a premium brand. Sip on some champagne, served on the house, as you relax and stretch while nestled inside a solarium hot tub and watch native penguins jump off turquoise ice bricks. 

Drooling yet?

Feast on a hot, steamy lobster for dinner and wake up to the sight of icy Antarctica looming in the distance. Oh and if you’d like a more personal, guided tour of the northern continent then a simple request will do the trick. Get on board a chartered flight that’ll land you smackdab in the middle of Antarctica. An opportunity of a lifetime and certainly a jumpstart for the adventurer in you. 

Seabourn Venture

Having a yachtlike look to complement the sea-green hull it sports, the Seabourn Venture is the company’s first premium invention for customers looking to get a taste of remote areas. While the Seabourn Venture has its course set towards the Arctic and Antarctic regions, it promises to take its people to waters that are seldom touched by a luxury boat like itself. 

Picture yourself enjoying a sauna bath inside the Seabourn with your window overlooking a couple of the many icebergs peppered around Antarctica. The staff is super friendly, which is exemplified by their pampering and friendly nature. The rooms, on the other hand, are 132 in count and each has a walk-in closet, a balcony to take in the exotic view, and a spacious bathroom for the needful. Sushi and fresh pastries are available 24/7 to indulge your guilty pleasures and faux fur accented interiors make you feel extra cozy as you take in all that the Seabourn Venture is known for. 

Star Pride – Windstar Cruises

The Star Pride has been around for a while but it got its much-needed renovation back in 2022 to emerge as an all-new, luxury cruise ship. Newer additions include but are certainly not limited to, refurbished staterooms and a larger, refreshed spa area. The ship is compact enough to squeeze into the smaller ports and thus travel through the more scenic, albeit smaller, waterways such as the Corinth Canal situated in Greece. 

The ship is also low enough to allow swim platforms when it is anchored. Customers can even bring their paddleboard or go for a dip in the sea at their leisure. Grilled chorizos and charred octopuses await your taste buds, made exclusively onboard, inside the four restaurants located near its deck. 


That’s a wrap for our tantalizing selection of luxury cruise ships available during the season of 2023. Take some time out during the summer and visit the exotic destinations these synthetic marvels can take you to. We guarantee, once you come back from your trip, you’ll only want to go again. 

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