Are Carnival Cruise Passengers Really Leaving Over Soda Switch?

John Heald is the brand ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line. He got a headache when he initially told his loyal social media followers about a significant change to the fleet ships in North America. It has nothing to do with travel or the time it may take to get from one port to another. Instead, he told everyone in December that the Carnival cruise ships were planning to move from Coca-Cola products to Pepsi Co products.

Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

The change happened in January 2020, and many loyal Coke fans said they were going to switch from Carnival Cruise Line to the Princess Cruises for their vacation needs.

For many people, it’s always been a dream to get away from business and have a free moment to themselves. The news is constantly reporting information about the cruise industry and especially the Carnival Corporation company. The first thing guests must do is know where they’re meeting the ships. Carnival has various ports, such as Port Canaveral, which is in Florida.

Throughout the 2019 year, the Carnival Corporation has been trying to get people excited about the new situation on the soda. While some don’t have a preference between the two largest soda products, many do.

Leaving Over Soda Switch?

Since the news was leaked, people within the travel industry have said they might stop using the Carnival Cruise line because they like Coke better than Pepsi.

Everyone wants to feel free to do what they want while they sail the world. Those in Miami are close enough to enjoy the ships. Carnival Cruise Line is based out of Florida and is the top cruise line in the world. However, last year, it thought it might be fun to dial back and change up the preferred soda it offers onboard its cruise ships.

Carnival Cruise Line says goodbye to Coke
Carnival Cruise Line says goodbye to Coke products onboard.

What Might Cause You To Change Cruise Lines?

Carnival Cruise Line clearly knew that folks might be unhappy about the soda switch. However, it still has plenty of fun things to do. Those who follow it extensively understand that it helps people take a Caribbean holiday and is available throughout the year. Whether you want to go sailing in July or October, travel agents can help you find the best option that is going to work for you.

However, the next problem that Carnival Cruise has to deal with is potentially losing customers because of its choice to change soda options. Typically, these cruise ships have a variety of things to focus on because it’s the largest in the world. Though it isn’t a new concept for cruise lines to change specific things, this is the first time that the news has reported that any cruise line may lose passengers because of its preferred beverage.

Carnival Cruise Line Soda Switch

However, Carnival Cruise Line didn’t make this new change lightly. It has held many surveys, studies, and meetings with industry professionals to decide if the new change from Coke to Pepsi is the right one.

Though operations came into play, and it’s easier to get Pepsi on board than it is to get Coke, Carnival Cruise Line was mainly worried about how others might react to the industry change within the company. Instead of focusing on service and how well the fleet ship does, it is focusing more on the type of soda to serve.

The two primary options are Pepsi and Coke. Cruising is a great way to travel, regardless of the time of year. Those that want to ship out in October are sure to find Miami and other parts of Florida to be the best option.

For most people, though, changing cruise lines is all about the company, sail order options, and travel restrictions. You’re free to pick whatever option you think is going to provide more fun. However, Carnival Cruise Line is the top choice when compared to other cruise ships.

The Carnival ship you’re on is safe and has the best service possible. You can be cruising without fear and may even find that the first time is exciting and amazing.

Though you may be someone who doesn’t care about the soda switch on the Carnival Cruise Line, you might be cruising without your friends. While there has been a slight drop in Carnival Cruise fans because of the switch, it’s impossible to know how many left. This cruise line hasn’t done anything wrong, but it might be the first of the cruise lines to lose people based on its new policy of changing soda brands.

Carnival Cruise Line will allow guests to brings up to 12 cans
Carnival Cruise Line will allow guests to brings up to 12 cans of your preferred soda with you.

What This Means for Coke Lovers on Carnival Cruises

The Carnival Cruise company has come up with a new rule for all of its ships. If you’re on a ship that doesn’t have Coke products, you can take up to 12 cans of your preferred soda with you. With Carnival Cruise Lines, the goal is to bring back the love of taking cruises. Carnival allows you to be free and do what you want without having to make arrangements for each stop.

With the Carnival Cruise Line, it operates worldwide. There are plenty of sea voyages available, which means the plan for your vacation is handled for you. For most people, this can make them want to plan their next vacation before they’ve sailed the Caribbean the first time.

Sailing is a fun way to spend your vacation, and today, most people want to experience new and different things. You can follow the news, including that about the soda switch up on Carnival Cruise Line.

You can still go to the same ports, you’ve still got the best safety features and options, and can have a holiday worth remembering. In fact, you can make a video of the entire trip so that you’ve got it.

Are Carnival Cruise Passengers Really Leaving Over Soda Switch?
Are Carnival Cruise Passengers Really Leaving Over Soda Switch?

Loyalty Is Important

Every business knows that loyalty is important today and forever. Nothing comes for free, so the reputation from various cruise lines comes into play. Still, Carnival Cruise has found that many people are avoiding its ships and taking cruises from other cruise lines. Carnival wants to make sure that people understand what it is trying to do.

Those who follow the news know that the crew is an important aspect. They work tirelessly for days to ensure that the next day at sea is suitable for you. The Carnival crew is there at all the ports so that you can spend your days enjoying the free reign you’ve got over the ship.

Cruises are a fun way to enjoy yourself, and Carnival Cruise wants you to be aware that its cruises are still going strong. However, if you’re on a ship coming from North America, you do have to drink Pepsi if you don’t bring your own Coke.

You can search the cruise lines out there to find other options. However, Carnival Cruise Line is considered the best choice for many reasons. Its crew is the best on any ship. Theyc are highly attentive and focus on your needs. The ships for these cruises are always clean and ready to go; Carnival Cruise makes sure of that because it wants its cruise lines to be the best anywhere.

Still, Carnival Cruise knows that its cruise lines are suffering, and fewer people are taking cruises right now. The trouble Carnival has is that other cruise lines are jumping on the bandwagon. They know people are confused about the switch Carnival Cruise had in store, so they’re ready to remind you that you’ve got options. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying another cruise line, and that means Carnival loses money.

Carnival Cruise Airship

Reasons People Switch from Carnival

A simple online search shows that many people are considering switching from Carnival Cruise to another line. Some have already made the switch, while others are thinking about it. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with bad cruise or crew experiences from Carnival.

Generally, everyone is quite forgiving of the Carnival Cruise line if they’re loyal to the brand. They might claim that it wasn’t great, but it was a one-off deal. Though Carnival tries to give everyone the best experience each time, it doesn’t always happen.

Generally, those who switch don’t cite a specific incident. There are numerous factors that led to a sense of dissatisfaction from Carnival. Typically, Carnival hears things like “it’s just not the same,” or “they nickel-and-dime you too much.”

However, Carnival has noticed specific complaints, such as that the Carnival Cruise Line doesn’t offer comps in the casino like it used to.


Though it’s amazing to think that someone might switch from Carnival to another cruise line because of the soda brand offered, it’s a real thing. It’s impossible to know how many customers Carnival lost, but it is bound to be a few hundred or thousand. This probably isn’t going to hurt Carnival much, but it’s something to think about.

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