Casinos On Ships: A Brief History

The history of casinos on ships dates back to the last century when sea travel was the only
way to cross the ocean. In those days, ships sailed much slower than modern ones, so it took a
long time to travel from one continent to another. Trying to somehow pass the hours and days of
waiting, passengers staged real poker tournaments on board or played roulette, blackjack, and
other gambling-related games.

Modern casinos on cruise ships

Today, gambling on cruise ships is a very common form of entertainment. Game clubs work
on almost all cruise ships, except for expedition ships and liners of Disney Cruise Lines, which organizes
exclusively family excursions. For many tourists in whose country casinos are prohibited,
playing gambling is a priority than the trip itself. For such people, we can recommend visiting
the best online casino in Canada to try their luck during the quarantine.

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Maritime Gambling Laws

Casino cruises are a very lucrative type of business in Canada and around the world. The fact
is that international laws help to avoid exorbitant tax rates established in many countries and
beyond. Being at sea, the ship is subject to the laws of the country in which it is registered. That
is why most cruise liners are registered in Panama or on Bermuda. As a rule, while the ship is in
port, the cruise casino is closed to avoid problems with state laws.

Most casino cruise liners adapt to the preferences of visitors and set tables for the games that
most guests choose. The most popular on such ships are slot machines, so usually they are
onboard the most.

Remember, you can play gambling not only on cruise liners but also in online environment.
It’s completely legal. For example, you can visit the best online casino of Canada – Casinonic website.

Best casino cruise liners

Below are the most popular and best cruise liners with casinos, the route of which runs
through European countries:

Ruby Princess is a large vessel and capable of
accommodating 3070 passengers on board, for the needs of which 15 decks have been allocated.
The ship has several restaurants with many types of cuisines, a chain of bars, a gym, a tennis
court, a theater, boutiques, and a Gatsby`s cruise casino.

Crystal Serenity is a luxury French ship built-in 2005. Crystal Serenity
accommodates 1,080 passengers, for which 550 comfortable cabins are open. Onboard the ship
there is a network of bars and restaurants, as well as a large casino with dozens of slot machines
and tables for playing poker, roulette, and blackjack.

Queen Mary 2 is one of the largest ships sailing on the ocean. Onboard
are 1311 cabins, which can accommodate more than three thousand passengers. In addition to
the casino, there are twenty restaurants, a chain of prestigious bars, a fitness center, a ballroom, a
theater, a cinema, and several pools on the cruise ship.

Silver Spirit is a liner with 13 large decks onboard. The ship
has six stars of classification and holds in its arsenal a prestigious casino with slot machines of
European manufacturers, three restaurants with European, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisines; a network of bars, a sauna, and several pools.

Interesting fact: Work on cruise ships in a casino is very
appreciated by residents of third world countries, where small salaries cannot compete with the
sums of money that sea companies offer. Most of all people want to work on expensive ships
that travel long distances and have the most stars rating.

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