Crucial Advice to Make Your Cruise Trip Safer and More Enjoyable

Are you thinking about going on a cruise as one big happy family? Cruise ships usually offer a variety of entertainment and activities suitable for all ages. In addition, the family time shared while exploring new places, participating in various activities, or just lounging by the pool provides that perfect opportunity to make lifelong memories and reinforce your family’s bond. 

As a parent, however, it is your job to ensure the kids are safe while having fun. That’s why we have these easy hints that should keep your family safe and make your cruise adventure enjoyable with great memories.


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You don’t need to be a research paper writer or an expert investigator to investigate the cruise line’s safety record and any incidents in recent years. You just need to review professional sites that track statistics on things like crew training, safety drills, and evacuation readiness. You’ll relax once you know the cruise ship meets high safety standards.

Additionally, most transporters have detailed emergency plans and dedicated safety areas. Find out where these muster stations are located and what procedures to follow. Ask about life jackets – are they stowed in each cabin? Having this info beforehand prepares you for any unexpected situations while onboard the ship.

Teach Basic Water Safety Skills

Kids love splashing around pools and water parks on cruise ships. But before letting them loose, teach basic swimming skills. It’s never too early to start water safety lessons because babies can get comfortable with water from a young age.

At the very minimum, ensure kids know:

  • How to float and tread water
  • Never run near pools
  • Always ask for supervision before entering the water

Even strong swimmers need a reminder about cruise ship pools and hot tubs. Go over rules like:

  • No diving in shallow areas
  • No roughhousing or pushing others in the water
  • Obey all posted signs and lifeguard instructions

Make sure young ones understand the importance of using properly fitted vests for activities like snorkeling or boating excursions.

Monitor Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol and cruise ships often go hand-in-hand. But too much of a good time can quickly turn dangerous, especially near railings and open deck areas. Alcoholic beverages tend to lower inhibitions and impair judgment. As a result, that railing you’re leaning on may suddenly look like just the place for showing off your dance steps or taking a daring selfie.

So keep a close eye on your drinking when hanging out on the pool deck or balcony, or better yet, set limits and drink responsibly, especially in precarious areas. Designate a sober friend to keep everyone in check. And if someone has had too much, don’t let them wander off alone near railings or open decks. A little precaution allows you to enjoy your cruise without risking safety.

Establish a Meet-up Plan

Before you even step foot on the gangway, have a plan for meeting up with your group. Decide on a central location that everyone can easily find, like the main lobby. That way, if anyone gets separated, you have a designated spot to regroup.

Take it a step further and use the buddy system at all times. Pair them up and make sure buddies stick together, holding hands if needed. You can even use brightly colored lanyards or matching shirts to identify your group easily.

Teach Kids Emergency Info

Beyond staying together, make sure kids know key emergency info by heart – your names, cabin number, and the ship’s name. A simple rhyme or song can help them remember should they get separated. With some smart planning, you can relax and focus on the adventuring together.

Utilize Onboard Safety Resources

It may seem to take up valuable time, but the muster drill can provide information that could save your life. So, pay attention and take it seriously. The crew will demonstrate how to wear a life vest and inform you exactly where to go if they are forced to abandon the ship.

It could even become a family-wide activity. Have your kids answer questions about what they learned after the lesson. You will have peace of mind during your cruise vacation once everybody knows the safety plan.

Besides the muster drill, there will be important safety instructions in every stateroom; familiarize yourself with life jacket locations, emergency exits, and what “muster station” means. A little preparation makes for a safe and fun cruise.

Utilize the “Do Not Disturb” Sign

Cruise ships can be exciting, but all the activity and commotion can get overwhelming – especially for kids. That’s why utilizing the “Do Not Disturb” sign is a must for families who want some peace and quiet. The cabins are the only relief from the crowds and noise that come with many people living in close quarters. By putting up the “Do Not Disturb” sign, employees will know not to disturb you or your children.

Besides, young ones often need naps or early bedtimes to recharge. The presence of a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign guarantees uninterrupted sleep: no knocks at the door, no vacuuming in the hallways, and no noisy neighbors. This one act determines whether your child will be well-rested, happy, cranky, and overstimulated.

Most importantly, by using the sign, families can control when service staff enter the cabin, ensuring they are present and aware during any maintenance or cleaning activities. This helps prevent accidental situations where children might be alone with strangers or staff members. 

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