Cruise Ship Casino Gambling: Everything to Know Before You Start

Cruises are long, and even though you have a reasonable range of activities to keep you occupied, it doesn’t hurt adding more that will help you connect with other people on the ship. Casinos are a unifying factor as they bring people together for fun and some money, so they are a cool idea in cruise ships. Not all of them have this feature, so you want to check before booking if it is one of the activities that could excite you.


Land-based casinos are licensed and regulated by various authorities in the world, as are online sites. In Slovenia, you can gamble at any site regulated by the designated government authorities, and that information is available from the onset. Cruise ships are not subjected to the same conditions as an online casino Slovenia because they venture into international waters. The rules are easier, and players are sometimes concerned about game fairness. Now, since games are provided on software universally used by all casinos, the games are not expected to be rigged in favor of the house. Developers are mandated to ensure fairness. What could be different are the regulations put in place by the cruise casino.

Players have slots, table games, and all the other options you find at a apple pay casino for UK, and that is a major plus. These days, the information on these games is available online, such as return-to-player and game risks. You can do a quick search to see whether the offers at the cruise company match those offered by other casinos. If they don’t, you cannot do much since they have the right to decide the returns with their games. Your best choice is to sit back and have fun with your fellow players.

Carnival Horizon Casino Bar
Carnival Horizon Casino Bar

Just as Fun as Other Casinos

The games are the same as you would find at other casinos, so you can count on having fun. You have similar settings with background music, lights, and drinks flowing for merrymaking. You have live dealers, food, and basically anything else you have at land-based casinos. The atmosphere is blissful, people are happy to be here, and most of them have full pockets too that they don’t mind emptying at the casino. Safe to say, revelers are not as cautious with their cash as they are at land-based casinos since being on the sea makes you feel invincible and free. Because of this, gamblers are likely to be less concerned with the money and more into gambling for fun.  

Several Games

Slots, table games, variations of poker, and some specialty games are all lined up here, so you can expect to have as much fun as possible with the games. The stakes may not be as high as you see at land-based casinos since the demand for such games is not normally high, but players can get a high-stake game rolled out if they asked. There are tournaments, mainly for slots, poker, and blackjack, where participants pay a certain amount of money to enter without playing. The winner is selected based on systems put in place by the casino, which usually range from tickets to other cruises and cash prizes.

Minimum Age and Opening Hours

Most of them require you to be 18 or 21 years old to enter, as that is the allowed legal age in most countries. They are usually located at parts that are easy to monitor, so the attendants will notice when kids linger. Cruise casinos are mostly open at night up to midnight or 2 am and closed during the day since people usually do other things. Depending on how the arrangements are, you can opt to pay using cash or the cruise card, but it helps to have some loose change either way.

Though drinks flow freely, they are not free unless included in the ship’s costs, typical with luxury cruise ships. Some have loyalty programs where you can redeem the points for free drinks, but you would have to have several points to make that happen.


You will have as much fun as you would have at a regular casino. You may want to check the house edge per game, but it won’t help much because the management will not change a thing since this is a one-time thing. You will be on the ship until the cruise is over, and you are unlikely to be a return customer after the destination ends. This means you are there for a short and fun period, so just have fun and spend some money with fellow travelers. You may not win the biggest jackpots, but you will have enough games to keep you entertained while floating on a vast ocean for months.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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