Cruise Ship Casinos – More Luxurious Than Vegas?

Gambling has always been a super popular pastime in most regions around the globe, however, despite this activity being around since the dawn of time, and many people enjoying it, it has not always been legal everywhere, and it still is not. That is so due to various organizations and society, in general, worrying about the potential financial and emotional harms that can stem from gambling. Thus, many countries have laws limiting their residents’ betting fun to only a few forms. All that is changing, and where it is not, there are always cruise ships.

The same laws valid on land do not apply to the water. Hence, the existence of riverboat casinos and cruise ships that sail international waters and feature gaming floors that now rival top-end Vegas spots. Naturally, those that cannot afford an expensive vacation but want to test their luck on games of chance can always play online. All they have to do is search for the best mobile casino USA and a slew of results will pop up, containing some of the internet’s best gaming homes. 

It is vital to know that a country’s laws only apply to ships when they are within a specific distance from its coast. Under maritime law, when a vessel is three to twelve miles out from the coastline, it no longer has to abide by any land territory’s regulation. That said, players still have to be of legal age to have some gambling fun on cruise ships. The age limit imposed by these on-the-water gaming establishments depends on the flag under which the ship sails.

How Big Are Cruise Ship Casinos?

Some of the world’s most massive cruise ships are the Freedom of the Seas, the Norwegian Prima, and the Royal Princess. These three are slightly above one thousand feet long, or over three hundred meters, for those used to the metric system. On average, their gaming floor sprawl some ten thousand square feet. For comparison, high-end Vegas spots like the Bellagio, MGM Grand, and the Aria have floors that stretch over one hundred square feet. So, they are ten times larger than cruise ship ones. That said, cruise ship casinos, size-wise, are more comparable to local Vegas locales and ones that only offer class two gambling machines.

Travels can expect to find around two to three hundred slots and anywhere from twenty to fifty table games on cruise ships. Of course, these numbers only hold for the vessels in the category of the three mentioned above. Drink service and comp potential on cruises are similar to Strip casinos, but logically, you cannot get a free room and board to keep playing on a ship. In terms of decor, cruise floors rival land-based casino ones.

The Benefits of Gambling on a Cruise Ship

First off, the breathtaking sights. When aboard a ship, at all times, visitors are only a few steps away from peering out into the ocean, taking in nature’s beauty. Some vast vessels even feature outdoor, pool-side tables. Thus, anyone can play some blackjack after a quick dip in the pool.

Since there are a limited number of passengers on a cruise ship, there isn’t much chance of encountering crowds on a floating gaming floor. The atmosphere in these spaces is much more relaxed, and as a result, the game pace is swifter. They are also less smoke-filled and more family-friendly areas. The food and entertainment options on a liner should be cheaper as well. Therefore, ship casinos should not put a dramatic strain on anyone’s budget. If they want to keep themselves in check, not go overboard with their gaming activities, their players can utilize loyalty cards to set deposit/loss limits.

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