Cruise Ship Cemeteries: Where Giants Die

Cruise ships are like small cities that can move from one place to another by water. They offer tons of attractions. Also, traveling by cruise ships, you can enjoy amazing views and visit a lot of countries. Nevertheless, huge liners don’t last forever.

What Happens To Old Cruise Ships?

Travel companies constantly build new cruise ships that beat new records in size and provide better comfort.

It’s a great tendency. However, due to this, old ships become less demanded and unprofitable. As a result, cruise companies decide to sail these ships to their last destination.

Some of them are sold to other cruise lines or become turned into floating hotels. However, the majority of retired cruise ships are sold to cruise ship graveyards.

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Retired Ships at Graveyards

Usually, cruise ships come to a cemetery after 10-20 years of service. Most companies consider it unprofitable to renew them, so they sell their vessels to a graveyard as it’s impossible to dock them somewhere.

Cruise ship graveyards are the coastline where travel companies leave their vessels. In most cases, they don’t even have sail-orders.

There, ships become stripped for scrap metal. Their parts are sold separately. As a consequence, old ships become a source of metal for building new luxurious liners.

The Most Popular Cruise Ships Cemeteries

There are a lot of places where companies leave their ships with no sail-orders to be stripped. Let’s review the most popular places where luxury liners become scrap metal for further melting and producing new building materials.

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Aliaga, Turkey

Located on Turkey’s east coast, this small city is a world-known destination for cruise ships that are sailed to their final point. Out of service vessels help run a multi-million industry in the region that brings work for 2,500 people.

Liners from the USA, Great Britain, and Italy are the most popular at this place. When a new ship arrives, workers require from 6 to 8 months to recycle it.

Cruise lines leave vessels as they are with tons of non-recyclable materials. However, hotel managers purchase furniture and interior elements. Then, workers check vessels, drain fuel tanks, and cut them. They get more than 1 million tons of steel from ships every month.

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Bay of Nouadhibou

This place is the most famous graveyard for old ships. In truth, there are more than 300 vessels. Some of them are sunken. The cruise ship cemetery is located in Mauritania, the east coast of Africa.

The government allows dumping undemanded vessels here with no record-keeping. The local authorities get bribes for permission to leave a ship there forever.

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Unfortunately, there is no displacing industry and plants for dismantling the ships for scrap metal. The city is poor, and nobody wants to invest in this business. As a result, Mauritania’s coast is full of dumped vessels that rust and become a part of the marine world.

Gadani Ship Breaking Yard

It is the largest graveyard for cruise ships that locates near Karachi, Pakistan. The cemetery for ships stretches on 6 miles of the coastline. For now, there are more than 130 ships that will be dismantled soon.

The Gadani Yard provides work for roughly 6,000 people. They turn almost 100 giant ships into sheets of steel and reusable parts within a year. Employees have a terrible working environment, no safety rules, and earn roughly $3 a day.

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Final Words

The ship graveyards above are the top places that become the last resort for retired cruise ships. However, dozens of the same places around the world are used as cemeteries for military and cargo ships. Fortunately, in some places, dumped vessels are recycled. It helps save the environment and provides work for thousands of people.

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