Cruises for Sports Fans

Cruises are popular among holidaymakers that want to enjoy luxury facilities, explore many locations in a single trip, and get views of majestic scenery that wouldn’t be possible from dry land.

There are routes that will take you to hot climates like the Mediterranean, cold climates like the Arctic, and everywhere in between. There are even routes that don’t head onto the high seas, with some cruise companies operating river cruises that let you explore places that are inland.

But you may not have considered cruises being a great option for sports fans. Of course, while onboard, you can take advantage of a plethora of world-class facilities, including pools, fitness suites, tennis courts, and much more. You’ll often also be able to watch most sporting events on TV, either from your cabin, a public space, or even a dedicated sports bar.

But did you know that some cruises go further, creating an experience for sports fans that can’t be matched anywhere else. So if you’re a football fanatic or you’re crazy about cycling, then you should check out one of these sports cruises.

Poker Cruise

Depending on where the cruise is going to be visiting, many operate their own casinos and poker rooms where you can play cards with your travel companion(s) or other guests. But if you really love poker, then a dedicated poker cruise may be for you.

There are several companies that operate these poker cruises, which typically take place on liners operated by reputable brands.

On a poker cruise, from the moment you board to the time you disembark, you’ll have opportunities to play, learn, watch, and discuss poker with other poker players and the many professionals that are employed by the cruise company.

For experienced players, you’ll find plenty of poker tournaments that you can take part in. While beginners can learn the ropes from seasoned veterans, with lessons on everything from the basic mechanics to reading the body language of your opponents at the table.

Grand Prix Cruise

Of course, you won’t find much in the way of Grand Prix racing while out at sea (unless you happen to come across a round of the World Powerboat Championship), but you can combine your love of cruises and Formula 1 together for a Grand Prix Cruise.

Not all races will work, after all, you won’t find a port near the Silverstone circuit in Northampton, England, nor will you be able to dock near the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

But, there are still several of the best races of the season that you can combine with a cruise. For the 2021 season, this includes Barcelona and Monaco in May, Singapore and Japan in October, and Abu Dhabi in December.

Monaco and Singapore are two standout highlights, thanks to their unique positions on the calendar as the championship’s most glamorous race and its first night race. There’s also no need for long transfers to get to the circuit since both races take place near (or at) the water’s edge.

Cruises for Sports Fans
Cruises for Sports Fans

Cycling Cruise

Although the Carnival Vista offers guests the ability to cycle on an elevated platform, it’s not quite the same since you’re restricted to the route of the rails. You won’t find many cruise ships with room to cycle on, but there are plenty of opportunities to combine these two together.

The best option is a European river cruise, with several different routes available. One of the most popular is operated by AmaWaterways and will take you along the Danube from Austria to Hungary. Emerald Waterways is another company that operates river cruises in various regions.

With bikes onboard that you can hire for free, you can disembark and ride on the many cycle paths that flank the international river.

World Cup Cruise

The next FIFA World Cup is scheduled to be held in Qatar in 2022, a nation that is located on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. With three sides surrounded by water, Qatari officials have already announced that two luxury cruise ships will be used to house fans in floating hotels.

There aren’t currently any companies offering cruises to the area for the World Cup, but with the geography presenting a unique opportunity and several companies offering World Cup cruises in 2018, it seems likely they’ll be available this time around too.

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