Cruises for Those Who Enjoy Cold Climates

When you think about cruises, you may picture sitting on a deck sipping cocktails, but cruises don’t just explore the Caribbean. They’re a great way to see the world, and that includes the colder climates where you can see glaciers, wildlife and spectacular scenery. There’s nothing quite like cosying up in your cabin, or standing on deck and enjoying the crisp, fresh air, and here are some of the best places to take a cold-weather cruise.

New England

New England is absolutely beautiful in the autumn, with colourful foliage and spectacular coastal landscapes. It’s a mixture of charming small towns and historic cities, so whether you enjoy sightseeing and learning about the earliest days of the USA or exploring boutiques and stopping at cosy little coffee shops, there’s something for you. The Freedom Trail in Boston is a popular day trip for those cruising around New England, showing a number of sites related to the Founding Fathers. Many cruises also stop in Portland, Maine where you can try locally caught lobsters or crab.

The Arctic Circle

From spotting whales in the Kenai Fjords National Park to taking photos of the giant glaciers that dwarf your cruise ship, Canadian and Alaskan cruises around the Arctic circle are once in a lifetime experiences. You can visit towns such as Juneau with its colourful buildings surrounded by evergreen trees, which is so remote that it’s only accessible by air or sea. The waters around Alaska are filled with some amazing wildlife, from sea lions to puffins, so you’ll no doubt spot some of these playful creatures.


With breathtaking landscapes and lots of little islands to explore, the Emerald Isles are best enjoyed from the comfort of a cruise ship. Whether it’s a day exploring the cultural delights of Dublin or watching the fishing boats come in at Killybegs, there are plenty of excursions during the day. You’ll want to upgrade your memory card for pictures of the iconic Giant’s Causeway, and after a long day enjoying the bracing coastal weather, you can find a cosy pub for a pint of Guinness. 


The Northern Lights are perhaps the biggest draw in the Scandinavian region, and some cruises from October to March offer views of the Aurora Borealis. However, there’s plenty to see during the day on a Scandinavian cruise too. Explore the colourful streets of Copenhagen, sail along the fjords of Norway, or spend time enjoying the cultural and historic sites of Stockholm. 

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There are many relaxed, informal cruises around the Scottish coast, allowing you to enjoy the lush green landscapes of Scotland. Stop in small towns and enjoy the friendly hospitality or stay on-board for whiskey tastings and hearty local cuisine. 

Cruises are a great way to explore the world, allowing you to be pampered and enjoy luxurious surroundings while taking in lots of amazing destinations. If you prefer wildlife spotting and glacial scenery to exotic beaches, then there are lots of cruises around the world that will suit your travel style.

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John Shallo
John Shallo
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