Cruising To 5,280 Feet And Into The Mile High Club

You probably have heard “What happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas”. Well, A new service now says “What Happens Over Vegas Stays Over Vegas”. I know this isn’t exactly traditional cruising but, this might be a trip to remember.

The service is called Love Cloudand it promises to fly you and guest to exactly 5,280 feet (exactly  one mile up). They promise it will only take about 10 to 15 minutes to reach altitude.

Your Custom Aircraft

Don’t expect to your aircraft to be like a G6, but more like a (six-seater) Cessna 421. This isn’t your ordinary Cessna though, its cabin is customized with the following.

  • Custom made romantic interior includes a LiberatorHeart Wedge
  • Decor Whirl bolster
  • JBL Pulse wireless sound/light system
  • Custom made foam mattress to make your flight extremely comfortable.
  • Pilot is also equipped with a noise canceling headset and privacy locked door.

Reaching Altitude

Once you reach your cruising
altitude of 5,280 feet, its your turn to reach your own heights. They even have music playlists to help set the mood or you can bring your own. Back on the ground, you and your guest will get a photo in front of the aircraft with a fancy “Mile High Club’ membership cards.

Available Packages

  • Silver Package– 40 Minute Flight and includes Mile High VIP Membership Cards $799.00
  • Gold Package– One Hour Flight and includes Mile High VIP Membership Cards $999.00
  • Platinum Package– One and 1/2 Hour Flight Mile High VIP Membership Cards. $1299.00
  • Romantic Package add on– Add to any package a Limousine ride to/from the airport, Dozen Roses, Chocolates, and courtesy bottle of Champagne $199.00
  • Wedding Packageis also available.

For more information visit and you may book your flight by clicking here.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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