Do Luxury Cruise Ships Have Slot Machines?

Slot machines are the bread and butter of land-based and online casinos. Any gambling establishment features this type of gambling and it relies on it as a major source of income. Cruise ships offer their guests this type of entertainment and allow them to play all sorts of games in their floating casinos. Not surprisingly, slots are at the cornerstone of their offer and pages are provided with several worthy options.

In many cases restrictions apply when luxury cruise ships are in the port, because of local gambling regulations. However, once the vessels navigate the high seas, there are no limitations and players can fully enjoy slots, table games and video pokers. The house edge can be higher than in land-based casinos and almost always higher than in online establishments, but not necessarily crushing.

Basic slots for recreational punters

Luxury cruise ships strive to provide the best entertainment possible to those on board. Since gambling is such a popular pastime, these companies have invested heavily in creating the perfect setting for casual punters. The casinos offer online welcome bonuses with sites like — and are rather small, at least compared to their land-based counterparts. The same goes for the game selection, with a limited number of slots being available. Players can choose between classic and modern varieties and even spin the reels of a few progressive jackpot games.

Many of the slots are inspired by the one-armed bandits from Las Vegas casinos and have a simple and fun gameplay. Others draw inspiration from online slots, who tackle a more diverse lineup of themes and topics. Hollywood blockbusters are quite often the source of inspiration for these games, with superhero movies being the gift that keeps on giving. On average, cruise ships have over 100 slots, which are normally enough to meet the expectations of the recreational gamblers on board.

Enjoy safe gambling on the high seas

Just because luxury ships have fewer slots to offer doesn’t mean that punters take any chances when gambling here. These are big companies that make profits from providing patrons with stellar service, while trying to turn them into recurrent customers. Even though the casinos on board are a decent source of income, they represent only a fraction of the money made during the cruise. Under no circumstances can they afford shortchanging customers and the risks of running into rigged slots are slim to none.

While there is no reason to doubt the fairness of the slots on luxury cruise ships, punters are entitled to have other concerns. Some of the games have a higher house edge, which in the long run, decreases the odds of winning. Poker is a shining example and that’s because the rake is significantly higher than what land-based and online casinos routinely charge. You can expect to pay up to 10% per pot which is a huge amount that makes it virtually impossible to win constantly.

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