Drone Entertainment and How Technology is Transforming Cruise Activities

It might not be widely known, but drone technology has quite a few links to the cruise ship industry these days. For instance, the devices are used to capture images of vessels, with one being utilized to take a closer look at the Holland America Line’s MS Koningsdam just a few years ago. Another way that they can be used on vessels is in entertainment and some intriguing reports related to that issue have emerged in recent weeks.

Epic rehearsal footage

Towards the end of September, the Royal Caribbean Blog reported on a tweet shared by the company’s senior vice-president of entertainment. The post revealed how major preparations were being made for theater productions for the new Odyssey of the Seas ship, with drones set to take center-stage in one event.

Rehearsal footage showed a total of 48 drones being used in a performance, with the devices flying into the air and changing color as an entertainer on the stage ‘controls’ them. The epic performance is set to the soundtrack of Muse’s Survival, which was recorded as the official song of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The blog adds that Royal Caribbean has included drones in entertainment in the past, but the tweet suggests this is the “most complex” use of them yet. The itself is set to be completed early next year, with its first voyage expected to be from Rome in the summer.

Technological transformation

This glimpse at the way drones could be used highlights how technology is transforming many of the activities which were once synonymous with relaxing on a cruise ship.

For example, casino gaming has been a common activity on vessels for some time, but it has arguably become more widely available since the emergence of online casinos. As VegasSlotsOnline.com details, many sites now offer a wide variety of slots which include a range of different special features. Many of the games are also available to play on mobile devices too, so people do not just have to wait until they are in a land-based casino or on a cruise ship to get involved.

Gyms and fitness clubs are also common on cruise ships and, again, much has changed around that pastime in recent years. Wearable technology means many people have access to a fitness tracker and keep up to date on the amount they are exercising. It could be argued that the rise of online travel guides and review sites has had an impact on cruise excursions too. People are now able to thoroughly research locations before they head there, so they can plan out how they intend to make the most of their visits.

Virtual innovations

So, while technology has had an impact on many of the activities that are common on a cruise ship, what other fresh innovations might we see in the future? Recent reports from Inside The Magic could well have put a spotlight on the next big thing, with the site speculating that a new virtual reality experience could soon be on its way to the Disney Cruise Line.

The site details how Disney has recently filed a patent for a VR system that would incorporate real-life movement into what you see on a headset. While no official reference was made to the technology being introduced specifically on a cruise ship, the deck of a vessel was used as an example of how the system would work.

Inside The Magic explained that the patent detailed how a cruise passenger could watch a helicopter take off in VR, with the movements of the ship at sea stimulating their senses as they enjoy the experience. The site adds that such technology could be ideal for vessels, as it would be an attraction that would not require the installation of a physical vehicle for ‘the ride’.

A modern cruise experience

Technology has had a massive impact on so many different areas in recent years, but it has the potential to completely transform aspects of the modern cruise experience.

The footage of drones being used in the rehearsal for the Odyssey of the Seas is very exciting and it will be fascinating to see what the finished article looks like. Furthermore, it will be intriguing to see what comes next as fresh innovations offer a new angle on classic cruise activities.

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