Exciting Water Sports You Should Try This Year

According to the 2016 Recreational Boating and Participation Study, an estimate of 142 million Americans, representing 36% of US households, went boating that year. Out of the 142 million participants, 17 million were first-timers. Water sports are excellent recreational activities for many people, and you shouldn’t shy away from experimenting with a few of them in your lifetime. Here is a list of water sports you should try.

Sail Racing

Sailing is one of the most exciting water sports. Whether you do it competitively or not, nothing can match the sensation of being on the water, seeing the wind fill the sails made from premium cloth by Far East Sails, exploiting the power of nature, and relying on your skills.

There are different types of sail racing. There’s fleet racing, which can feature up to 100 boats; match racing, which involves two identical boats; and team racing, consisting of two teams where each team can have two to four boats.  

Sailing is good for your health and fitness because it improves muscle strength and endurance from the hoisting and pulling activities. It also improves your cardiovascular health due to the vast oxygen uptakes that happen during intense sailing activities.

Raft Racing

Rafting is a recreational activity that involves navigating downstream river rapids on inflated rafts. It’s a risky and highly challenging water sport, hence the need for teamwork. Rafting involves teams of between two and eight participants. For enhanced safety, you should wear a helmet because rafting on raging waters can be dangerous. However, the thrill of navigating through rough waters on a raft is unmatched. 


Kayaking is an exciting water sport where one uses a kayak to move across the water. You can kayak in standing waves, rapid water, white water, or flat stretches of water. Competitive kayaking may include river racing, Olympic kayaking, freestyle kayaking, and slalom racing.

Kayaking has health benefits, such as enhanced muscle strength and good cardiovascular health. Before you decide to take part in any kayaking race, join a club to learn the basics of paddling and work on your skill to minimize the risks of accidents. You also need to be a good swimmer because your kayak can easily overturn.


Parasailing is a water sport where one or more people hang on parachutes high up above the water, and it is more fun when done as a group activity. You can decide the length of the rope, depending on how comfortable you are with heights. It’s also necessary to wear a life jacket in case of an emergency.

Parasailing is one of the most peaceful and thrilling rides you will ever experience. You climb through the air gradually and steadily, and you won’t feel your stomach drop, unlike when you’re on a rollercoaster. However, if you want a more thrilling ride, you can talk to your captain about a few dips in the water and other tricks they have up their sleeves. 

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a high-speed, exciting water sport that’s great to do alone or with a friend. Besides being a fun sport, jet skiing has many health benefits. It requires you to stabilize your muscles and hold on to the equipment with your body, improving blood circulation and strengthening your muscles. 

With jet skiing, you won’t only have a great time, but you could also burn up to 400 calories an hour and boost your endurance. It also allows you to release stress and refresh your mind. Skiing requires you to remain in a crouching position as you maneuver through the waves at varying speeds, improving balance and coordination while helping you maintain good posture.


Snorkeling is a sport that allows you to observe the underworld from the surface using a snorkel tube and a mask. It requires minimal training, and its basics can be learned within a short period. Snorkelers stay on the water surface and use floating devices to comfortably float. The abundance and variety of creatures and colors, especially around the coastal areas, make snorkeling a fun activity. It also has a lot of health benefits, some of which include improved breathing and joint mobility, enhanced cardiovascular health, and overall body fitness.


Wakeboarding is an exciting, extreme water sport where the rider is fastened to a board and towed behind a motorboat. It requires a high degree of preparedness, physically and emotionally.  Wakeboarding helps tone your whole body, among other health benefits.


If you are a boating enthusiast, these are some of the most thrilling water sports you should try this year. They are an excellent way to spend time with your family, friends, or colleagues.

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