Bluegrass on the Water: Exploring Kentucky’s River Cruises

Kentucky, also known as Bluegrass State, has many beautiful rivers and interior streams. They include the Kentucky River, which has shaped the economy, identity, and culture in countless towns scattered throughout Kentucky.

Kentucky’s River Cruises

Luckily, you can explore Kentucky’s rivers and take in countless fabled towns and fairy cities today. All you have to do is go on the popular cruises in the region, including the ones listed below. But before booking your excursion, are you a betting enthusiast? If you are, make your Kentucky Derby props and stand a chance to profit from the infamous Kentucky Derby.

Let’s dive into the most exceptional Kentucky river cruises.

  • Queen City Riverboats

Queen City Riverboats offers both private and public Kentucky river cruises. You can book a private cruise for yourself, your loved ones, colleagues, etc., and enjoy exclusive, personalized experiences. But, if you don’t have a large budget and don’t mind sharing a cruise with other enthusiasts, you can opt for a public cruise.

While on a Queen City Riverboat cruise, you’ll have an uncapped opportunity to tour Kentucky’s rivers and have a blast. You can take your cruising experience to the next level by booking concert cruises and game day shuttles.

  • The Mary M. Miller Riverboat

The Mary M Miller riverboat is named after Mary Miller, the first female steamboat captain to receive a license in the US. Like Mary, this riverboat is full of life, sassy, and charming. It’s also a bit old-fashioned but equipped with modern amenities.

Consider booking a cruise on the Mary M. Miller because the boat tours year-round. Moreover, it has open-air and climate-controlled decks that you can enjoy while cruising Kentucky rivers.

  • The Belle of Louisville

The Belle of Louisville is Mary M. Miller’s sister riverboat. Both boats are the pride of the Belle of Louisville Riverboats. The Belle is the only remaining steamboat with roots in the Packet Transportation era. It also boasts being the most widely traveled boat of her size in US history.

Thanks to the Belle of Louisville, you can revel in fantastic dining cruises, where you’ll enjoy upscale, sumptuous meals under the stunning Kentucky skyline. Or, you can book and go on leisurely excursions with your family and create long-lasting memories.

  • Bourbon River Tours

Going on a Bourbon River cruise is a must if you are a big fan of bourbon and its history. The primary purpose of this escapade is to learn how the great river has impacted the Bourbon industry. During a typical cruise, expect to be introduced to numerous distilleries close to the river and the available locks and dams.

Numerous companies offer Bourbon River tours, including Kentucky River Tours, one of Kentucky’s leading boating and outdoor recreation authorities. The company also offers The Old Tailor Tours, Sunset Tours, and many other cruises.

  • BB Riverboats

BB Riverboats cruises sail from Newport Landing on the awe-inspiring Ohio River banks. They give you a perfect opportunity to experience the Ohio River and the Cincinnati region on evening and day excursions. But BB Riverboats isn’t your average company.

If you prioritize exceptional experiences, try the BB Riverboats’ signature cruises. You’ll be bombarded with extraordinary services, delicious food from the available buffet, and your favorite beverages from a fully-stocked bar.

  • Viking Mississippi

The Viking Mississippi is a state-of-the-art vessel that boasts an exquisite Scandinavian theme. You do remember that the Vikings lived in Scandinavia, right? That is why this Scandinavian-themed cruise is named the Viking Mississippi.  

As the name suggests, this cruise is optimized for Mississippi River voyages. If you want to learn about the heritage and history of America’s heartland, this riverboat cruise should be on your itinerary. Expect to see all there is to see between the Upper and Lower Mississippi Rivers, from St Paul to New Orleans.

  • Cumberland Star Riverboat Cruises

The Cumberland Star riverboat is a 65-foot double-decker vessel that plies Lake Cumberland’s beautiful water. Lake Cumberland is located in 7 counties in Kentucky, from Wayne and Clinton to Russell and Laurel. The region surrounding this water body is the Houseboat Capital of the World since many local marinas offer houseboat rental services.

While on a Cumberland Star riverboat cruise, you only have to sit back and watch the scenery along the riverbanks glide by. If you keep a keen eye out, you’ll see eagles, blue herons, and cormorants flying over the lake. What’s more, you can take the trip with your entire family, including kids of all ages.

  • Celebration Riverboats

If you’d like to take a private custom cruise on the infamous Ohio River, consider booking a Celebration Riverboats cruise. While on your excursion, you’ll get ample opportunity to take in an incredibly scenic view, learn the history behind iconic locations like Wheeling, and spot fantastic wildlife, including bald eagles and blue herons.

You can charter Celebration Riverboat cruises for everything, from personal parties and banquets to business conventions and corporate meetings.

  • SS Tiki Tours

SS Tiki is an exceptional cruise company offering private Ohio River cruises. You can book an excursion for 18-26 people and have a blast sightseeing escapades where everything you need to have a grand party is provided.

You can book SS Tiki Kentucky riverboat cruises for different events, from bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding anniversaries to birthday parties and family gatherings. Moreover, the company allows its clients to bring whichever delicacies and drinks they wish. 


Infinity Plunge Pool, Sun Terrace, Viking Mississippi
Infinity Plunge Pool, Sun Terrace, Viking Mississippi

If you want to experience and see Kentucky in a different light, try the river cruises we’ve outlined here. They are ideal for all sorts of people, from lone tourists and history buffs to families, school children, party folk, and dotting couples. Also, they cover numerous notable rivers and streams, including Kentucky, Ohio, Beargrass, and Big Sandy.

While booking a Kentucky River cruise, be careful and consider finer details. Try to avoid detrimental mistakes like ignoring drydock schedules, picking the wrong cabin, and failing to monitor prices. Happy cruising, and have a blast!

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