Fall Foliage Sailings Open Door To International Travel For Many

Fall Foliage cruise vacations offer a unique sailing opportunity for a very short period of time. Each fall, a variety of cruise lines take travelers on voyages around the coast of the United States and into Canada as well as along the waterways of inland rivers. For those accustomed to sailing in the Caribbean or the Bahamas, a Fall Foliage sailing can bring unique experiences and serve as a stepping-stone to full blown international travel.

Fall Foliage Sailings Open Door To International Travel For Many | 25

Crystal Cruises sails an itinerary themed “Autumn’s Palette” that begins in Boston and ends in Canada’s Quebec City. Yes, passengers on this sailing, as opposed to a closed-loop Caribbean sailing that begins and ends in a U.S. port, will need a passport. Why? Because they are now traveling internationally and have taken a big step toward opening their world of travel even further, in a very easy way.

Cruise CompeteUnlike travel to Europe, everyone they meet along the way will speak English, breaking down the language barrier that keeps many would-be international travelers from making the leap. Better yet, if a lifetime dream travel destination is France, perhaps romantic Paris, there will be plenty of people along the way in Canada that speak French to practice on.

Travel via cruise ship does not do anything for getting over the fear of international flight. For that a similar baby step travel experience would be a sailing that begins in Alaska, which takes a long travel day to begin, no matter where you live. Still, travelers on fall foliage cruises like Crystal’s Autumn’s Palette will get accustomed to another common element of another popular element of European sailings: a more inclusive experience.

A logical next step for those accustomed to the inclusive nature of a cruise vacation is to do the same thing in international waters. Viking River Cruises sources their passengers mainly from North America and offer a total package that includes airfare, transfers and a more inclusive onboard experience on the rivers of Europe. A sampling of river cruising can be had right here at home too on an American Cruise Lines riverboat.

American Cruise Lines Fall Foliage Sailings Open Door To International Travel For Many | 25operates the newest fleet of riverboats and small cruise ships in the United States. Known as the line that revived paddlewheel river cruising, the ships of American Cruise Lines offer 35 itineraries across the country, year-round. A viable option for first-time river cruisers challenged by the thought or cost of international airfare to Europe, American offers a similar destination-focused, inclusive sailing experience. Their new Fall Cruise Collection might be a good reason to give them a try.

Recently releasing their Fall Cruise Collection, itineraries include the Columbia & Snake Rivers, Puget Sound & San Juan Islands, Chesapeake Bay, and the Hudson River.
If the idea of a fall foliage sailing appeals to you as a jump to international travel, a wonderful photo opportunity or just something different, there are a number of cruise lines that do this and there is really no need to try a different cruise line too.

Sticking with the familiar for many, Princess Cruises also offers a number of fall foliage sailings. Two ships sailing from the East Coast in September and October. Regal Princess will sail on seven-day voyages round-trip from New York to the New England ports of Newport, Boston and Bar Harbor, and the Atlantic Canadian ports of Saint John and Halifax. Caribbean Princess will sail on the line’s popular 10-day itinerary between New York and Quebec, including an overnight in Quebec and calls to the charming seaside villages of Gaspé and Ville Saguenay, Quebec in addition to the ports of Newport, Boston, Portland, Saint John and Halifax.

Also called “Canada and New England” sailings, Royal Caribbean International has their versions too. Ranging from 7- to 12-nights, bringing cruise travelers up close and personal with the unmistakable charm, history and natural beauty of New England and eastern Canada.

It’s that focus on history that is also typical of a big element found in European sailings where so many historic events occurred. Every fall foliage cruise gives passengers a taste of what is a big part of Euro river cruises and big ship sailings in the Mediterranean, common first-time international traveler destinations.

Looking for more information on Fall Foliage Cruises? FallFoliageCruises.com is a good place to start. Or search your favorite cruise line website, looking for Canada and New England cruises. You’ll find a number of choices following these links to Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises, Seabourn and Norwegian Cruise Line.

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