Family Cruise Day 2: Carnival Liberty – Day At Sea

There’s something about truly being on vacation when you don’t have to set any alarm. And this is what we did this morning.

Being our first full day aboard I checked the Carnival HUB App for where we could find some breakfast.

Did I mention I love this App?

hey pork chop
hey pork chop – A Flame roasted, double cut thick pork chop, is topped with caramelized onion,
gorgonzola cream, side of fries and blistered beans in bbq sauce.

I found something better; the Sea Day Brunch offered in the Main Dining Room. It had a great selection of Breakfast, Pasta, and even Lunch dishes if you desired. It fit the needs of the entire family. I chose the hey pork chop,  which hit the spot and kick-started my day.

Pool Time!

Carnival's Mango Madness for the girls
Carnival’s Mango Madness for the girls

After Lunch, we found seats poolside and enjoyed the many sights and sounds of some of the day’s activities. My girls enjoyed the fun watching the Men’s Hairy Chest Contest and all of the group dances that followed. My family tirelessly tried to get me to become a contestant in the Hairy Chest Contest. I almost participated, but they picked the Eight players before I could get down to the pool. Maybe next time.

There was plenty of lounge chairs available on the open decks and in the Serenity Area. We went back to sit near the same place we scouted out the day before right near the stairs up to the slide. Soon the Sun and fun had taken a toll on us.

Our Cruise Director Chris Donkey Salazar was hilarious and made the poolside games allot of fun.  If you have a chance to cruise with Donkey, you won’t forget it. He was truly the voice of the ship. He was an expert at walking that fine line of taking things too far and keeping things fun and family friendly. You just never knew what he would say or do next.

Before leaving, we bought one of our favorite frozen Carnival drinks, A Kiss On The Lips. The kids’ version is called a Mango Madness, and we enjoyed the cold drinks after time in the sun.

Dinner and A Show

After a small break, we got ready for Any Time Dining. It was elegant night onboard. The girls love to dress up and get their photos taken by the ship’s photographers. They captured amazing images, and we are looking forward to seeing them developed. We stopped by the Video Arcade for a few games. One of the games is called Typhoon, and it simulates being on a runaway train, flying and more. It even has fans to let you feel the wind in your hair.

Soon we headed to our designated Any Time Dining room. We had no wait at all and sat at a comfortable booth type table. After we had ordered our drinks, a Table Artist named Shah visited us. He performed several magic tricks right at our table, just for us. He was fantastic. It was the first time I had met a Table Artist aboard Carnival or any other cruise line. We enjoyed this very much.

Shah, Carnival's Table Artist
Shah, Carnival’s Table Artist performing Magic Trick’s.

Dinner was delicious. We always loved the fresh selection of bread and choice of soups. It is these small things that we enjoy so much. Now don’t get me wrong the Prime Rib with Baked Potato and Carnival Chocolate Melting Cake was a highlight of our day. It’s just the small touches that make the whole experience unique and extraordinary.

Once our Dinner concluded, we made our way to the Venetian Palace Theatre. We typically try to get to the shows slightly earlier to have a chance to pick great seats. For this show, we got center-stage for Flix, a playlist production show. The show was incredible.

Flix takes you on a journey like no other with enchanting music, dance, and visual effects. It was one of the best production shows I have ever seen. We left the theatre talking about how many things in the show we hadn’t seen before. The show and dinner capped off a wonderful day filled with new and unique experiences.

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