Family Cruise Day 5: Carnival Liberty – Time To Go – Debarkation

I woke up as the ship was getting ready to enter the Port Canaveral Channel. My daughter Meagan came out to join me, and we watched from our balcony. To our left, we watched storm clouds emitting lightning across the sky as we moved closer to Port Canaveral. The ship moved slowly through the channel as it edged closer to the terminal. We would be the only cruise ship in port this morning. It was very peaceful watching the Port Canaveral Beach and Jetty Park Campground approach. The new Royal Caribbean Terminal and Exploration Tower was illuminated with beautiful LED lighting emitting a rainbow of colors. I had not seen this before; It was wonderful. I hope they light all of the other terminals similarly.

The Atrium of Carnival Liberty
The beautiful Atrium of Carnival Liberty


Soon everyone was awake, and we readied ourselves for the day. We exited our cabin for the last time and went to have breakfast in the Main Dining Room. We all enjoyed our breakfast and then went up to Deck 5 and sat near the Casino until our number was called. Soon it was time to go, and we walked down to the Deck 3 and into the terminal.

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Once inside the terminal, we located our bags. A Porter loaded our bags on his cart, and we then went to Customs. At this Cruise Terminal, Porter’s have an Express Lane to Customs. We also found out they no longer ask for a customs declaration form as in the past at Port Canaveral. The officer said some other Cruise Ports like Miami were also not asking for them. You only have to fill them out when you are bringing back a lot of items or money. The process was very smooth and enjoyable.

Our Porter brought us directly to the Park-N-Cruise Shuttle, and the driver loaded our bags onto the shuttle for us. We then took our seats and were soon brought to the Park-N-Cruise lot where our van was waiting for us. You may recall we purchased the Express Valet Service from Park-N-Cruise. The shuttle pulled right up next to our van, and the driver unloaded our bags for us. We only walked a few steps with our bags, loaded them in our van and we drove towards our home.

Final Thoughts

Stay tuned for plenty of more coverage coming out over the next couple of weeks about our four-night Family Cruise aboard Carnival Liberty. My first Carnival Cruise was in 2002 aboard the Carnival Spirit. Since then it has been great to see how Carnival Cruise Line has evolved and continuously improves. They also have a dizzying amount of entertainment offerings every day. The Playlist Production Shows are remarkable and took us on a musical journey. The cruises themselves are also an incredible value overall. Don’t forget, they don’t call them the ‘Fun Ships’ for nothing.

Thank You

Thank you very much for reading these posts day after day and allowing me to share my families cruise experience with you. I would also like to thank, Carnival Cruise Line for hosting us on this trip.

Even though Carnival Cruise Line covered my sailing, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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John Shallo
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