Fast & Easy Modern Day Cruise Preparation Check List

If you are like me, you’re not going to follow some three-page packing checklist for my upcoming travel. Whether your in the planning stages looking for Mumbai to Ahmedabad flights? Or getting ready for an upcoming cruise? I just want the essentials. So I want to share my current fast and easy prep list. I’ve also included items we have purchased to make our cruise experience more enjoyable.

Fast & Easy Modern Day Cruise Preparation Check List | 24

Reusable Luggage Tags

We recently purchased some reusable luggage tags that allow me to easily insert the printed luggage tags provided by the cruise lines. If you don’t own luggage tag holders like this, you’re going to be forced to stable them or tape them before your cruise. These tags are so nice and well made we wondered how we lived without them and won’t leave home without them.

Fast & Easy Modern Day Cruise Preparation Check List | 24Towel Clips for Lounge Chairs

The bath towels provided by the cruise lines and hotels are pretty hefty. However, A blast of wind can cause havoc so we have purchased towel clips to help keep them in place. We are not chair hogs, but I have seen people using them to save places as well.  We have really enjoyed this purchase as well and used them regularly now.

Fast & Easy Modern Day Cruise Preparation Check List | 24Toiletry Bag

A nice toiletry bag will help keep all your essential items in place and make sure you don’t lose anything. I had tried some alternative holders but, found they often would allow too much movement and it caused things to get messy. This is why the use of a proper toiletry bag can make all the difference to minimize mess and other problems.

Sunscreen Spray & Burn Relief

If you are going to take a cruise, you need to pack proper Sunscreen to protect yourself and the loved ones your traveling with. I once foolishly underestimated the intensity of the sun and received a serious burn during my cruise. Not only did it hamper my vacation but, the effects lasted many days afterward. We purchase SPF 50+ Sunscreen spray and apply it before heading outdoors to help make sure we are all covered properly. Don’t risk missing that one ear or the top of your foot and come back in serious pain.

As with everything, nothing is perfect. Make sure to pack some Aloe burn relief with lidocaine pain relief in case you need it.

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Cold Pill & Medicines

I always pack any prescribed medications but, I also bring cold medicine like Dayquil Day and Night-Time.  I also included a bottle of Ibuprofen. The combination of these items will help relieve a simple headache or a complex cold that may suddenly start while on vacation. I learned to always bring these items (or similar items of your choosing) when I woke up with a serious cold on a European cruise. Finding a drug store is not always easy when you’re in a strange place or small village. Now, three cruises later this is part of my routine, even on a short trip. I once even helped a fellow passenger get some cold relief by giving them some of my cold pills. Since they too were beginning to feel sick on our last river cruise.

Day of Cruise Carry-On

Passengers often have to wait for several hours before being allowed to enter their your staterooms. If your able to get on board early and want to make the most of your first day onboard, bring a carry-on bag with your bathing suits. You can also choose to wear your bathing suites under your clothes. This lets you immediately enjoy the pools, slides. If you have children this is a must-do, because they will surely want to get in the water or ride the slides in the waterpark once onboard.

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