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Gaming has a sort of cult following these days with interested people even making it their profession. Just like a sports athlete, passionate gamers can now go pro and make gaming their living. A number of gaming companies are conducting gaming tournaments where successful players can win hundreds and thousands of dollars in prize money. In addition to that, thanks to the internet and video game streaming services, serious gamers have multiple ways to make money. To keep gamers earning millions happy, gaming companies in collaboration with different companies are providing special services. One such convenience is gamer-friendly cruises. Here are some of the best cruise ships for game lovers:

Norwegian Breakaway

If you are a Nintendo Wii fan and you want to experience the ultimate gaming, you have to book a cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway. This cruise ship provides gaming lovers with a Nintendo Wii hooked to a Monster two-storey screen for the best gaming experience. The immense screen means the whole family can get together and enjoy gaming. Thus, the gaming enthusiast can enjoy the luxuries of a cruise, great food and great ambience while ensuring that they stay in practice.

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Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas is the dreamboat of every classic arcade game lover. In case you are all about reliving your experience of standing against a classic arcade unit, then you need to book a cruise aboard this cruise ship. You can enjoy the luxuries of an ideal cruise, the sun and the sea in addition to enjoying some of the video game classics like Pac Man. The best thing about this cruise ship is the complete video game arcade that caters to people from each and every generation. About the Oasis of the Seas, you can enjoy some of the classic cult favourites and get introduced to some of the modern popular video games/

Anthem of the Seas

One of the biggest woes of going aboard a cruise ship is that you aren’t allowed your gaming consoles. But when you board the Anthem of the Seas, you will totally forget about feeling bad about the Xbox you left at home. This cruise ship, considered to be the second most advanced cruise ship in the world, has an Xbox lounge and a high-speed internet connection. You can play all the latest games and even enjoy a few multi-player games thanks to the superfast internet connection. With plush interiors and surrounded by gaming lovers you will enjoy unlimited gaming sessions like never before!

Carnival Cruises Fleet

Ever dreamt of enjoying high-speed internet on the open seas? Then you have to book a cruise on the Carnival Cruises Fleet. Passengers are allowed to bring their consoles on-board and are allowed to connect them to the TVs in their staterooms. Thanks to the high-speed internet you can even connect to the internet and enjoy multiplayer online games. The Carnival Cruises Fleet is the best cruise option for all sorts of gaming lovers.

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