Five Ocean-Themed Pokies to Accompany Your Cruise Adventures

Are you on a cruise around the world, and while admiring the immensity of the ocean did you get the urge to try your luck and play online pokies while waiting for dinner to be served or lying in the sun by the pool? In this article, we will explore which ocean-themed pokies will accompany you on your cruise vacation and why slots are also called pokies.

What are pokies?

Slots (or pokies) are one of the most popular games of chance around the world and have earned different names depending on where they are played. One of the more curious names is “pokies,” used mostly in Australia and New Zealand, instead of the term “slots,” used in most other countries.

These gaming machines consist of three or more reels that spin by pulling a lever or pressing a button. Each reel has different symbols; you can win a cash prize if certain symbols line up. Slot machines have become increasingly sophisticated over time, with exciting themes and animations that attract players worldwide.

How do pokies work?

It’s important to understand the way these games work if you’re planning to plunge in and play. In all online jackpot slots entertainment, the process is divided into two stages: placing bets and determining pay lines.

During the betting period, the punter must define the deposit amount they intend to spend that session on an automatic pokies machine and divide it into several rounds. Thus, the pleasure of the game is prolonged. Of course, no one prohibits you from betting the total amount immediately and calling it a day.

The amount chosen for each spin is divided by the number of pay lines. Thus, if your bet is $100, the machine offers 25 pay lines, and then you bet $4 per combination. In this way, you will distribute the chances of winning among all the options, and you’re ultimately likely to win something. The machine’s Return to Player is designed for a long perspective.

After a player has distributed the bet, he presses the “Spin” button, and the machine proceeds to the next step – determining the pay lines. The RNG is included in the work, and various symbols appear on the player’s screen. They are collected in rows that bring winnings. A combination of wild and scatter symbols can multiply your prize by several dozen times or open access to the bonus round with free spins. As a result, you can get a fair amount of earnings. It all depends on the size of the bet in the activated line!

Five Ocean-Themed Pokies you should consider while sailing on the cruise

Ocean-Themed Pokies
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Are you enjoying a wonderful cruise trip and feel like playing ocean-themed pokies? Here are a few you should consider to take your fun to the next level!

1- Arrogant Pirates

Are you traveling alone on the cruise and want to fly with your imagination by playing a game that lets you feast and plunder with the rockstars of the seven seas? Then set sail to endless riches with Arrogant Pirates, featuring free spins, Wild symbol multipliers, and a Fortune Chest bonus game, and lets you ride the waves for crabs, anchor ships, and, most importantly, jackpots!

2- Pirate’s Quest

Take part in “A Pirate’s Quest” if you want to be part of a group of Chinese rogues and start looting other ships with knives, bombs, and guns, in addition to the Royal Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace!

The main advantage of playing this pokie? You can activate the Shiver Me Timbers Free Spins feature, which will reward you with between 6 and 9 free spins and a host of extras, including multipliers, Extra Wilds and cash winnings, as well as Multi Canon Recharging Wilds, Triple Barrel Moving Wilds, and the Swivel Gun that will turn all the Tens and Jacks on the reels into Wilds!

3- Atlantic Treasures 

 Do you feel like diving for treasure in the lost city of Atlantis? Then this is the pokie for you, though beware of the deadly ink of the mighty octopus in the treasure hunt bonus game. If you need help, call on the strength of the King of Atlantis to help you in your quest for gold and take advantage of the multiple free spins this pokie offers!

4- Precious Treasures

Sexy mermaids, underwater treasures, free spins, and plenty of chances to win a big chunk of money! Dive deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean and increase your chances of winning more than 1,000 times your stake! 

Precious Treasures is a 5-reel slot that could be the turning point of your cruise, making your vacation even more unforgettable thanks to all the money you could win!

5- Savage Shark

Savage Shark will take you on an exciting adventure at sea, where you can better understand the Shark. Playing this 4-row, 5-reel, 1,024-way pokie, you will travel with your mind along with many surfers, octopuses, schools of fish, stingrays, and turtles, and the Jack, Queen, King, and Royal Ace!

Have you ever dreamed of getting the better of a shark? Now you have the chance, and doing so could get you big wins of up to 1,000 times your bet! 

The most important feature of this pokie? If you find a Shark Wild and a Surfer Symbol on a non-winning spin during Free Spins, the Whirlpool feature will be activated. In this case, the symbols will be mixed into a winning combination, and the Wilds, in the resulting win, will turn into Multiplier Wilds!

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