5 Reasons to have Holidays on a Yacht

Sailing holidays are the best for numerous vacations and there are catamarans and yachts available for charter at every possible occasion. There are so many catamarans and yachts suitable for all sea travel and sailing holidays. These yachts are available for your honeymoon, mates’ holiday, girly getaway, family holidays (old and young), and awesome retirement breaks. Although sometimes, you may wish to visit a hotel where you can spend the night if you are tired of the sea, you can check here for standard suites in Mykonos.

But what is so special about having a holiday on a yacht? Why should you desire to have your holidays on a yacht?

Sailing yacht gives you ultimate freedom

Are you tired of the beach in front of you and you long for another adventure? No problem, just pull up your anchor and select a new destination and off you go. Drop off your mooring lines, there are numerous marvelous places to explore. Sailing yacht gives you the ultimate freedom to discover new places, go to a quieter environment, explore the waters, catch some fishes, and swim in all kinds of waters.

Unlike in the hotel when you are most definitely stuck in one place, and you cannot change the situation without changing your hotel, the sailing yacht is the best for a freestyle holiday.

You can go to as many places as you want during just one holiday

Let’s assume that you choose Croatia as your favorite holiday location. Imagine having dinner in the beautiful city of Split, jet skiing in the magnificent Bol on Brac island, partying and clubbing at Hvar island, exploring the fascinating and alluring Vis, bird-watching, and sightseeing in the beautiful Korcula – sounds like a month holiday right? No, it’s just a week’s touring of the standard central Dalmatian.

Waking up to different new places, every morning

You are the creator of your own adventure and each passing day births a new and exciting adventure for you. So it doesn’t matter whether your choice is the slow and rhythmic jingle or the sailing over 50 nautical miles a day, you will enjoy your holiday on the yacht. You can wake up to new ports and bays every morning. You can even decide to spend a couple of days in that port you love to.

Sailing holidays are active & relaxing holidays

Sailing is a fun way of spending your holidays. If you love a more relaxing vacation, then a yacht holiday is the best for you. You can just relax on the deck of the yacht sunbathing or spend the time reading magazines, books, articles, or just relaxing.

You can enjoy an early morning swim

What more can you ask for other than to jump into the crystal clear waters early in the morning, straight from your bed, or at any time before lunch, during the day, after lunch, and at all times without summer crowds?

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