Five Unique Travel Experiences in Australia

When it comes to planning one’s holiday, Australia tops the list being one of the most halcyon and sun-scorched countries in the world. Almost all of us have come across several breath-taking photographs of this amazing country displaying its phenomenal tourist spots. There are various renowned travel companies that can assist you throughout your journey and to stay at such places. Welcome to Country is also famous for entertaining their tourist customers at the apex of excellence. Their priority is to fulfil the hopes and expectations of the customers, making their experience unforgettable. Australia is a beautiful country and below are the five unique experiences one can avail and savor while staying in Australia.

Colonial Tramcar Dining Experience in Melbourne, Victoria:

This spot provides an unforgettable experience to the visitors. It enables you to have fine dining like never before. It is one of Melbourne’s amazingly furnished ancient Tramcars. It is a chic red restaurant situated on wheels that unfolds a delightful dining approach. The menu is also outstanding and therefore, the restaurant is famous and attracts tourists’ attention.

The Hot Air Balloon Experience over Queensland’s Hinterland: 

The Queensland is famous for its outstanding coastline and the region’s Hinterland is just as exquisite and exuberant because of its natural beauty as the extraordinary experience that it offers. It is at an easy reach for the visitors. If you ever had a dream to bask in the wonderful experience of taking a hot air balloon ride, there can’t be any better place than the Queensland’s Hinterland. It offers the best motor-less flight to the visitors. One can view the farmlands and the vineyards as well as the sprawling national parks from above. It is overall a treat to the eyes. 

Great Barrier Reefsleep, Queensland

This is another spot that offers luxurious experience to the visitors in Australia. During the day, one can experience a sail to the Reefworld pontoon at the Hardy Reef. At this point, the visitors can also explore the kaleidoscopic underwater world that is situated just below the surface of clear water. What a mesmerizing experience! The entire underwater world seems to come to light when one is present there. One may also choose to sleep under the glittering milky way of stars or can switch for a bedroom option. It is exciting to have an option of spending a night below the galaxy of stars.

The Swimming Experience at Western Australia: 

The holiday at Australia would be considered incomplete without a swimming experience with these whale sharks from Exmouth. It is an amazing ocean experience for the tourists as they can get a chance to dive deep and swim with the largest fish in the ocean. You must be visualizing all this already? And for your information, there are only few places in the world where one can actually experience swimming with the whales in the ocean and the Western Australia spot is one of these amazing places. You can literally duck beneath the water and have a glance at the magnificent size of these giants. There is so much more to unveil such as the dolphins, the turtles and the unending schools of sunfish.

Bush Tucker Tour at Red Centre: 

Uluru is also known as the Ayers Rock. It stands as the most stunning natural landmarks of Australia. Moreover, its cultural significance in Australia is also great. If you happen to take on a tour at the remote area of Australia, do not miss this fascinating part. It makes you learn much about the local people and how they survived in such hot climate using the natural medication and ingredients which provide nutrition. They survived on these bush plants and variety of animals. You can even try your hands on grinding some native seeds.


John Shallo
John Shallo
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