Good Monday blah Morning Afters



Well it is Monday and the weekend flew by once again.

Today I have to try to make it to the post office and get some boxes mailed. And once those are on the way all of my shipping is done and will only have a few things to pick up once in Boston. I know I will be in the stores there in the final crazy days but maybe I will find some bargains and it will be fun to shop with Audra.

I still have to shop for Mike before I leave on the 19th so I guess I had better get my butt in gear and decide what to get him. He is so hard to buy for.

That's about it on this end. Lots of overtime for me this week probably trying to get my training in.

Everyone have a great day.


I had a fast weekend too.

My son flew in from Germany to be a groomsman in a friend's wedding. I got to enjoy his company for just over 2 days. I ended up having to take him to DIA very early yesterday morning, back in Cheyenne by 6am to watch Oliver for the day. Needless to say, Ollie and I had a nice long nap in the afternoon.

Just before lunch, a good friend of mine called me to tell me that he and his daughter were one of the numerous accidents on the bad icy roads between here and Ft Collins, CO on Saturday morning. He had no idea that there was any ice until the car started to skid, and then rolled off the side. They ended up on the roof of the Explorer, hanging upside down in their belts. No serious injuries, just bruises and stiff muscles at this point, the SUV is totaled. Another guy about 600 feet behind them wasn't so lucky, he died at the scene. The highway patrol told them that their seatbelts saved them, so please, everyone, BUCKLE UP!


Ahoy there Afters. Happy Monday. It was surprisingly mild this morning after yesterday's bone chilling rain. From what I hear the winds will be fierce today and the temps drop.

Judy, I hear you about it being hard to buy for your man...then not only do we have men who have birthdays coming up, but birthdays just day's before Christmas. It is always a challenge for me to find the perfect gifts. Good luck!

Sorry to hear about your friend's accident blusky but glad to hear they only had bumps and bruises. The Explorer can be replaced!

Not much new here....the weekend went by much to quickly. At least this is my "short" week. Hope everyone has a great start to their week.


Blusky I'm sure the 2 days felt way too short for you. But it must have been really good to see your son. And I'm glad your friends wore their seat belts and are OK.

It is very important that everyone wear their seat belt. They do save lives and prevent more serious injuries also.


Mornin' all-

my weekend flew. also. Put up my christmas tree on saturday (which was an all day affair) and celebrated Hanukkah early with the in-laws yeaterday. By the way, i love being married to my Jewish hubby-----> get extra holidays!!!!!

just doing stuff around the house and getting my packing in order since
we SDM's as of today. YIPPeee!!!!

have a great day everyone!

ps- i have a very intimate relationship with my seatbelt. i was in a flip and multi-roll accicdent in a minivan about 13 years ago. No doubt my seatbelt saved my life.

Cruise cutie

:wave Good Blah Monday Morning here too..plenty of snow to share around..:(..and it's not done.sigh I just dread an extra long Winter....

so I have to leave a bit early for my 3-11PM..

I have to see my jeweler Uncle for Poppa before I go in to work.. he has me on a mission for his gift to Momma..:grin..=shrug..I love spending someone else's $$..
puttering right now and sipping a cuppa.. hope you all have a good day..:)..Joanne


Seat belts and helmuts for sports and bikes are a must!
Glad your family are okay.
Take care in the rotten weather that is on the horizon. We had snow most of the weekend and now we are getting rain and lots of it! Our newspaper wasn't even delivered this morning which usually means the freeway is bad.
Have a good Monday.



Cold here this am - 32 which is COLD for Texas. Took the dogs in to the vet (to be groomed - like having the vets office having a groomer) and for yearly shots etc. but my one had a problem started last night - can't walk straight, holds head cocked to one side acts like vertigo in a human - can dogs get vertigo? Will find out I guess. Keeping fingers crossed it's not anything more serious. Will know when I pick them up at 3pm.


Morning! Checking in from the breakroom on my lunch. We had a pretty uneventful weekend. Time is just flying - lots going on at work to finish up before year end. Headed out for Christmas with my sister and dad this weekend, but they say we may get another storm. I can't stand winter.......I'll bet it isn't snowing OR cold in Honolulu - which I keep telling my husband is where we are going to live in retirement!