good morning afters



I don't know way but I am not able to post on community Q&A board section of cruise addicts. I can post everywhere else so I want to start good morning here this morning.
Well I am all set up with my computer in our bed room and it is a great set up I am very happy with it. I can see my screen clear and everything is working.
dd is having a garage sale today and it is not raining but it is a little on the cool side today I hope see gets rid of everything before her big move to my house.
We have a nice dinner party to go tomorrow night am getting my nails done this morning.
For now that is all the news from here everyone have a nice day


Good morning! We have freezing rain and snow to come later today. I've been to the grocery store and we are ready for a quiet weekend at home. Ben had some sort of tummy bug last night and threw up a couple of times. He seems to feel better today, but is still a little out of sorts.

We need to get our Christmas tree decorated. It has been up for a week, but we were giving Ben time to get used to it before decorating. Sounds like this will be a good day to do that.

Take care!


Good Morning Afters.

I have lots of errands to do today and then home to clean. Wash is churning already. I really have to get a couple of things accomplished today for boxes to be sent. And then the rest when I arrive in Boston.

Everyone have a great day.

Donna - dsw

Hello eveyone! I have been busy cleaning house and unpacking today.

Sunny and cool here - we aren't supposed to get snow until Monday - just as I head back to work! lol

Got all the grandkids clothes while we were in Florida. Jim is going to visit them 12/11 to 12/16 - I don't have any time left to take off. So, he will enjoy an early Christmas with them and take photos for me.

Going to the club tonight to watch the football game - if the right team wins - it will give the Buckeyes a spot! Sure hope that happens for our Ohio Buckeyes!

Eveyone have a great weekend!