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Canaletto Menu -- $10 per person - can only be booked once on the ship.

“Spartire†is the Italian word for sharing. It is a concept that is part of everyday life in Italy, especially when eating with friends and family. Our menu is designed around this authentic Italian experience and offers a variety of dishes to enjoy and share. The right amount of food is always important so we suggest ordering two small plates, one pasta and one large plate for every two people at your table.

Buon Appetito!

Small Plates:

*Salumi -- prosciutto, coppa, grissini, shaved pecorino, assorted olives
Veal & Sage Polpettina -- glazed cipolin onions, rustic tomato sauce
Zuppa Di Pesce -- mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, cod, vegetables, tomato saffron broth
Canaletto Salad -- Boston lettuce, roasted beets, gorgonzola, candied walnuts, raspberry vinaigrette
Duck & Chicken Liver Pate -- spiced duck preserve, rustic toast, kumquat marmalade
*Seared Beef Carpaccio -- rosemary aioli, shallots, sea salt, cracked pepper
Eggplant Caponata -- golden raisins, pine nuts, mint
Vermouth Braised Clams -- spicy chorizo, garlic, basil


Pappardelle -- shrimp, artichokes, lemon-herb emulsion
Spaghetti -- Bolognese or pomodoro
Potato Gnocchi -- braised beef short rib, mascarpone, butter roasted carrots and celery
Rigatoni -- Italian sausage, Kalamata olives, spicy tomato sauce
Ricotta Ravioli -- braised leeks, oven-dried tomatoes, arugula-pine nut pesto

Large Plates

Sauteed Veal Piccata -- lemon angel hair, capers, kale crisps
Braised Chicken Cacciatore “Al Formo†-- caramelized carrots, soft parmesan polenta
Roasted Pork Loin Saltimbocca -- seared escarole, cannelini beans, Marsala glace
*Grilled Lemon-Thyme White Sea Bass -- roasted fingerling potatoes, shaved fennel, orange-olive salad.

*The US Food and Drug Administration advises that eating uncooked or partially cooked meat, seafood, shellfish, milk, poultry and/or eggs may increase your risk for food borne illness if you have certain medical conditions.


Trio of Tiramisu -- espresso, lemon and amaretto
Limoncello Crème -- Tuscan lemon liqueur
Torta Cacao -- walnut praline, vanilla bean gelato
Gelato -- strawberry, vanilla bean, pistachio, giandula
Selection of Italian Cheeses

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The Canaletto is pleased to offer authentic Italian wines and varietals, each telling a story of it’s special region of Italy. In addition we offer a selection of beer including an Italian favorite Peroni, mixed drinks, sofa and water. Please speak with your beverage staff to enhance your dining experience.

Cocktails -- $6.25

Americano -- campari, sweet vermouth, soda water
Bicicietta -- campari, white wine, soda water
Bellini -- prosecco, peach puree
Frangelico Tuscan Mule -- frangelico, ginger ale
God Father -- amaretto, scotch
God Mother -- amaretto, vodka
Negron -- campari, sweet vermouth, gin
Rossini -- prosecco, strawberry puree
Aperol Spitzer -- aperol, prosecco

Wines Glass Carafe Bottle
5 oz. 15 oz. 25 oz.
Pinot Grigio, Delle Venezie $5.50 $15 $22
Pinot Grigio, Danzante $6.75 $18 $27
Moscato, Zonin $8.50 $23 $34

Salento Rose $5.50 $15 $22

Primitivo Di Puglia $5.50 $15 $22
Pinot Noir, Pavia $5.50 $15 $22
Montepulciano D’Abbruzzo $5.50 $15 $22
Sanglovese, Santa
Cristina Antonori $8.50 $23 $34
Melini Chianti
Borgeri D’Elsa $8.50 $23 $34

Select Wines
25 oz.
Pinot Grigio, Ruffino $44
Chardonnay, Feudi De Pisciotto $39

Batasiolo Barbera D’Asti $39
Merlot Feudi Del Pisciotto ‘Valentino’ $39
Chianti Castiglioni Frescobaldi $45
Brunello Di Montalcino DOCG Antinori $74
Guado AL Tasso Bolgheri DOCG Superiore $89
Sangiovese, Brunello Di Montalcino, Castello-Banfi $114
Solaia, Antinori $329

Digestive -- $5.95

Served in a souvenir Holland America Line glass

Grappa di Alexander


Hennessey V.S. Glass -- $7.95
Courvoisier V.S.O.P. Glass -- $7.95
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. Glass -- $10.95
Couvoisier Napoleon Glass -- $10.95

A 15% service charge will automatically be added to your beverage purchases. A corkage fee of $18 applies for wine and champagne brought to the restaurant or bars for consumption.

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Sorry -- on the wine section I didn't get the columns to line up correctly -- I have to use Chrome on this site.


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We will on a 36 day cruise with HAL. Will we only be able to dine at Canalleto one time? Thanks for clarifying.

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You can go as many times as you want.

You can even pre-purchase the nights you want to go online at HAL's site.


If you take me serious, it's your problem
i am looking forward to dining there once or twice on our upcoming cruise. although there appear to be anything too exotic on the menu, i am curious to see the presentation and prep of the dishes.
living in northeast ohio, we have many itialian/greek ristorante's serving traditional dishes. Which is why i'm less than impressed by the menu, but understand that as with most food, preparation makes the dish most occasions in MHO...

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We have lots of Italian restaurants here as well.

The one thing we don't like is the idea that the main dish (large) you can only order one and it is to be shared. DH and I like different dishes and don't like to share when we are eating out.