Hello from Beautiful Massachusetts



I arrived Thursday morning about 12:20am. By the time I collected my luggage and got back here to Audra''s it was 1:30am. It was snowing! Spent a short time talking to Audra and then bed at 2:30am.

Woke up A few hours later and it was snowing. That day we were on the run getting the two older boys to school and then picking them up early so that we could go to the mall. It was still snowing. And there was already a foot of snow from last week on the ground. Spent the day at the mall, saw Santa Kirarra screamed and cried. :lol Spent at least 2 hours in the Disney Store and then had dinner out. Boy it get expensive having to feed 6 people out at the mall! :lol That's OK they had a ball. We drove the 35 minutes home from the mall and it was snowing. In fact in snowed all night. Then we went to the dollar store for paper and a few things and home. I think we got into bed about 1am.

Up and attem again on Friday morning and it was snowing. And it snowed off and on all day. It only accumulated to about 3 inches but it got really cold on Friday and the roads got slick. We spent about 8 hours in the stores Toys R Us, Walmart and BJ's. Got the grocery shopping done home to bathe and feed the kids and got to bed about midnight. Oh yeah after the kids were in bed Audra took Kaan back out shopping with her for a few hours to get my gifts. :lol I'd say she was in Walmart about 7 hours on Friday.

I have put my back out, I have sciatic nerve issues and boy I'm limping. But I'll live even with that I've shopped till I dropped. I think I have done 20 loads of laundry since I have been here, I have cleaned and yes last night I had to take the auger to one of the toilets because the kids threw something down it.

Yesterday was an at home day of cleaning, laundry and trying to get the house ready for company. After the kids went to bed I threw together 7 banana breads, I mixed a quad batch of chocolate chip cookies, a double of peanut blossoms, a double of blonde brownies. Then we wrapped our family gifts for our party today until 2:30am. I haven't even touched the kids gifts yet.

Tonight we will wrap all the kids gifts. Tomorrow there are 2 things we would like to pick up but the traffic and the crowds have been bad this weekend. I know last year it settled out on Christmas Eve Day though. Tomorrow night we have a full play kitchen, a rose pedal cottage and about 4 other things to assemble. rofl.

It was beautiful here when it was snowing. The trees so thick here the snow just nestled in along the branches. I'd forgotten how pretty it looks at night with the snow coming down. Like a greeting card. Back in CO the trees are so few that you just don't drive down the street and see a canopy of white over the roads in the trees.

So that is about it folks. I'm beat and limping but having a ball. I have all 4 kids in my lap and all around me no matter where I go. It is so worth it all.

Everyone have the best Chritsmas ever!

Cruise cutie

=hugs and =love to you my Bunny Sistah..I dared not call your cell, figuring you'd never hear it ring..=lolgang..

I am slamming Zoom into final baking today..we have league bowling at 5:15 and I am actually glad.. more normalcy in the nuttiness of the last days..

we have our Christmas celebration tomorrow night after our huge dinner..I have a 22# turkey thawing, meal at 6PM SHARP..and gifts by probably 8PM..as I am up and atem for 5AM on Christmas Day to go on duty.. we have a slew of nurses with little kids, so for the last 3 Christmas days I go in, and they do a 3-11PM..on Christmas night..Mark, and I just chill ,and relax..:)..

I so remember the assembly of gifts.. and am so grateful it's a dim memory for now!!..:grin..

we have a mild day again, actually a mini thaw.. enjoy it all Judy!!.. back with you later when you get home to Michael..:kisses..Joanne


Judy it sounds like you are having a wonderful time and even with the snow you go with the flow as long as you are with family.
Well had our christmas yesterday with the kids and everyone liked everything that they got. The younger one Austyn enjoyed playing with all his new stuff and Brandyn went right out and got his new skate board made up just for him and they spend the day with his best friend and we had them all the lunch and dinner. They leave for their dad this morning. We were going to have a quiet day christmas day but my girlfriend is coming up and we are also having my oldest grandson Jonny so it should be a fun day i am go in a little while to stand in line and get our honey baked ham I have everything else for christmas dinner Well that is about all for now everyone have a nice day. And keep warm


Good morning all...

Sounds like you are having a grand time with all the Christmas fun. I'm sure it will be some great memories for the little ones, too.

...and it looks like everyone is busy-busy with all the Christmas preparations. Hope all of you finish up, and then get to relax and have some fun.

We had our big family party last night, and whew!....I'm glad that's done! It was so much fun, but so much work. Thank goodness all my sister's kicked in and helped out. We had 25 people here, and there was a lot of clean-up to do.

Wishing everyone a good day!

Donna - dsw

Hello everyone!

Judy - enjoy your visit - I know you are from all you are doing.

Joanne - you amaze me girl - you sure to the cooking and baking - enjoy your family

Audrey - glad you enjoyed your Christmas with your family

Reggae - glad you had a great family Christmas - now relax

Well, for us - - Colleen isn't any better - - so Jim is flying down tomorrow - So, I cancelled our Christmas here. It is better he be with Colleen at this time. Getting a last minute flight was way over our budget - - but - that is what is needed now.

I have been on the computer all morning trying to get a rental car now - - and it is more than the flight - - so Jim is going to call family and friends in the area and see if someone will pick him up. It is 1 hour to the airport from Palm Bay - but I would rathern give them $400.00+ than the rental car company - since they will all be going to the hospital anyway.

I will stay home as I have to work on Wednesday -- unless her tests tomorrow and later come back bad and then I will fly down also. She doesn't really need her dad and I both there.

Oh well, at least I will clean house and watch some movies - of course alot of friends here have invited me over for Christmas - but I don't want to crash in on their family.

Everyone stay safe and have a good day!


Have a wonderfully exhausting Christmas BJ! You'll be able to catch up on sleep when you are home and your ears are still ringing with the joy of kids on Christmas morn.

We'll be with my Mom and Dad doing our rituals and stuffing our faces.

Happy Holiday!


Judy, It is wonderful to read your tales once again. You make me smile and you make me green with envy that you are spending these wonderful Christmas days with your lovely little brood! Enjoy each and every precious moment and give those "babies" loads of hugs from a very lonesome grandma....ME!


Donna, I'll keep Colleen in my prayers, for things to get better. So sorry Jim has to go through so much to get transportation at short notice. If I lived around there, I sure would be glad to help out.

Wishing for all the best :)


Judy, thanks for checking in. Glad to hear you made it alive, lol. Sounds like you are going to need a week's vacation to rest when you get home! Try to take it easy and enjoy the rest of your time with your family.

Donna, so sorry to hear about Colleen. I hope she recovers quickly. Was it a brown recluse that bit her, or does she know?


Judy you sound like the Tasmanian Devil,sure know you are lovin every minute!

Donna you are in my heart and prayers!

The Cruiser

Judy, glad you made it "back" home safe and sound. :) Enjoy the time with Audra and with your family.

Merry Christmas.