Hey Judy, someone is very happy about all that snow!



My son and friend left here (Michigan) Christmas Day around 1:00 PM. He called about 20 hours later to say they were in Frisco, CO.

He was overjoyed with all the snow! They didn't even sleep! They went right to the ski resort to snowboard. He is in heaven right now...

They are staying with friends, and also another friend of theirs is there for a few days too in another condo, so they have a good group out there. They will have a blast!

I asked him about the drive, he said it wasn't bad, except an hour in Iowa where they had some black ice.

Now I just have to worry about them driving back Sunday.....more grey hairs...


Hi Patty. By yesterday afternoon the roads had improved but they went downhill overnight with the ice because of cold. Today the roads are terrible. We are getting blizzard like snow. I'm sure if he is on the slopes he is safe and sound just enjoying himself. Good for him doing this when you are young before you settle down is great!

Donna - dsw

Nothing like skiing on fresh snow. When I was younger I loved it!

I am sure they will have a great time.